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I covered Death Cab for Cutie's I Will Follow You into the Dark.
http://sapr.bandcamp.com/track/ill-foll … 8bit-cover


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So, a while back I posted about not being able to write anything and here I am, releasing an album. I started going to the open mics here in town and find myself writing a little more, and a little more laid back. But I have been meaning to get this out there for a while. This is Manifold, an album with respect to parallels and alternate realities. It makes a strong mention of the ambiguity of being an individual. I didn't write nearly as much as I did for my last album. So here it is. 5 songs. 4 of which I have made available on soundcloud, and one which can be found nowhere else. I hope you enjoy it.


Oh. It's free, like all my music.


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It's all cool guys.


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Sorting through this thread, I didn't mean to start such a ruckus. Though, there were some posts that I will definitely keep in mind, don't get the idea that I'm going to do anything rash. And I do understand that ADHD's existence is debatable, but that does not mean that medication can't help me focus, even if it were numbing out a piece of my personality. I'm just happy to hear that some other people have gone through something like what I'm going through.


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Music enables me to express things I can't put into words. It lets me retreat to a land of infinite possibilities. It helps me cope with life.


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I don't know how well you guys know me, but I've been making chiptune for about 3 years now. I moved to college in August. I was diagnosed with ADHD in the 1st grade and I was on Concerta, basically Ritalin, since then. Before I moved to college, my doctor found out that my medication was raising my blood pressure and had me switch to Bupropion, which is an antidepressant that has been shown to combat the symptoms of ADHD. All this being said, I can't write music anymore. It could be the medication, the fact that I'm in college, or that I have no time. Maybe a combination. All I know is that when I try to write, I get about 4 rows down (LSDJ) and then I tell myself the song is going nowhere and give up. I delete it.

Am I done? Like, will I permanently not be able to write?

To give you an idea, I feel like I totally write different when I was on my old medication as opposed to no medication and my new medication. Razbliuto was written on Bupropion, Circuit Board City, Liquidation Isolation, and Those Bare Bones were all written without medication and all the other songs were written on Concerta.

Again, am I just going through a phase, or am I done writing forever?

Alright, sweet, well, if I ever have time to get something together, I'll shoot you a message, if you want in/are up to coming to BloNo.

So, I move to college in less than a week, unless something wildly unexpected happens, I'll be in the BloNo area for the next four years.
I'm hoping to get into a lot of shows and whatnot, but it would be a pleasant surprise if there was another chipmusician in the area.

If I end up having a lot of time (unlikely), I'll probably try to assemble shows myself, and any chipdudes in the area would be welcome to play.

(I have searched vigorously for anyone in or around BloNo, but I haven't found anyone, so this is like my last resort.)


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Here is my fifth album ever, third of the school year, and most polished album I've ever made.
I wrote a little short story for each song, which follows a Spacecraft's single captain as he is shot out into space, collectively and chronologically.
No extra effects, all made on one DMG. I composed each song, drew the album art, recorded, the whole shabang.
So far, not many have downloaded it, but the few who have, enjoyed it enough to find my email address and inform me, so, I would urge anyone who sees this to lend an ear.
I know I'm not a big name on here or anything, but I think I have a lot of potential. This is my final album until next school year, unless I decide otherwise (AP testing is killing me).
It's free, with the option to donate.


Feedback is always encouraged.


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Huh, ok. I may try myself, with the hopes that some sort of fluke will happen. But thanks for the help.


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That is exactly what I'm looking for. Would I need to put a resistor on it? From the sound of it, the thing won't be getting more power than it can handle.

I have little knowledge of how the insides of the gameboy work, but I was wondering if instead of just wiring an LED behind the speaker grill in a DMG, it would be possible to take ou the speaker and wire an LED onto the speaker's wires. I get the feeling this wouldn't work either the way I imagine or at all, but has anyone tried?

e.s.c. wrote:

im guessing giveupnewyork is no longer active or left arizona then?

Last I knew, he gave his Nanoloop cart to my friend while they were on the same plane to Arizona.
I believe he's still there.


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I have a 9-song Happy Hardcore themed album coming out in 10 days. Free as always. Called "The Hug of the Century".
I guess this will be sort of eclipsed by everything else going on, but, whatever.

Ah, yes, I am talking about the plugs. The picture helps a little bit. I don't use the pre pots, though, right?

I know it's ground, but I don't know what to do with it. There's only 2 places to put 3 wires and that is confusing me.

Thanks for the help on the speaker, though, that's half the project.