i just looked up the word pedantic. I've been using it incorrectly all this time. ouch.

an0va wrote:

requesting TSS drum covers of these youtube hymns!!!

I would totally download that stock report!


Saskrotch wrote:

good news you guys he's hell of racist

Oh dear. he's going to need some more Jesus

right now just using soundprism to control Thor and sunrizer. I was able to get it set up to input midi notes via soundprism on iPad to renoise on computer over the wifi but the latency big. gonna have to invest in the camera connection midi kit

Gaz has a very nice smile.


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I hope they arrest him before he finds out about Tinder.

chunter - geocache

Mark Salud is my hero

chunter http://youtu.be/f7jj1pGDu-o
mick rippon http://youtu.be/SMR3oiZWiuc
mark salud http://youtu.be/ip_K5DHZlfg


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woohoo shout out also to #inpuj espernet!

well that was a nice long thread to read.
@8bitstellar next time just steal from http://www.fakemusicgenerator.com/

Not too much chip in this one, mostly general midi soundfonts but if you like easy listening adult contemporary smashed down to 32kbps ogg then...
https://l0bit.wordpress.com/2014/06/10/ … t-l0bit09/

even if the OP was a beginner, and assuming that most beginner's songs are technically less evolved, I would still love to see and hear it played live. No matter how shitty it is, I'd still be happy that someone is going place to place sharing what he or she is creating on a gameboy, laptop, sequencer, cell phone etc.   It does so much more for me than having to watch another fedora wearing white boy singing Hey Ya on an acoustic guitar.  No offense to fedoras and white boys.


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just use ozone on everything. it makes everything so shiney that it hurts. good breakcore hurts.

self-serving interviews are handy. people who think you're neat need something to read while they're on the potty, and it nice that you've provided one. This is a delightful interview too!