Im still intrested in a new fighter cart. Since i had the old one and it doesnt work anymore. You still have any left?

See you guys there! Can wait to show you guys around!

be patient guys andrew has a lot of applications to go though still but we should know around late springtime what the lineup going to be like. Its going to be around 35 performers as far as I know.

Yep pretty easy to sync

Cincinnati's FREE Monthly Chiptune show cartRAGE! returns once again to turn up!

HUNTERQUINN - local gameboy guru and cartRAGE heavyweight
Hunter Quinn /

SOFTWAREWOLVES - AndaruGO + Hunterquinn = analog synths with gameboys / cyberpunk shoe gaze collab project … 4708900458

MAVIS CONCAVE - chiptune / breakcore / dnb DJ set
Mvs Cncv / Mavis Concave /

DRILLBIT - cyberpunk DJ set and visuals
Jordan Davis / Drillbit

+ a special spOOky guest

more info @

I think green would look sick. Maybe black/smoke would be cool too. Can't wait to preorder! Backup everythingggg!

turn up!

come to cincinnati!

see you in cincinnati man!

You guys were are all awesome. What a time i had. Much love heart


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hey love the tracks man, the next one is January 31st to my knowledge. We dont know who is performing yet .


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and danimal you need to HIT UP cincinnati! fuck yeah! We have to talk about guitar for 9 hours at least!.


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hey man, we are always partying and rocking. We have a monthy show. cartRAGE. Link me to your musikz and lets chip! Are you a gameboy guy? Other platforms? computer? wink  We always welcoming new artists!


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I fucking love this idea. Ill make something pretty soon.


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I have a new album that just came out ! "Frankincense" mostly gameboy music

Check it out