Yep, nice piece! Thanks for your soft.
My groovy loop: t/(44%t%(t/70))|5*t^t>>04^(t)

gr8face wrote:

Woolyss NEED TO LIST IT IN THER TRACKER LIST, NOW! (as thats where most newbies go for there software and it is an ABSOLUTE DISGRACE that Sid Wizard is not listed there as a tracker).

Well, well, well!
I am honored! Woolyss is my old site. So I will add it tomorrow wink

4mat wrote:

Incidentally, Hermit's 2SID Mezzoforte cover in it.

Can I use this track for the audio demo 'cause I like very much its groove? ^^

Hello guys,

I made a page about Voice and speech-synthesis last year. I hope it will be helpful.

Nice work iLKke. It is more modern! I prefer your skin. thx

iLKke wrote:
Saskrotch wrote:

whats going on with this?

Nothing, as far as I know sad
Last time I heard from Smiker in late January.
Come to think of it, he did mention that he found himself a girlfriend, which possibly explains the hiatus.

I'll gently prod him with an email to see what's up.

Thank you iLKke! It could be cool!


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ant1 wrote:
Apricorn wrote:

I've tried lots of options. The one I have is too slow and too basic.
-I don't like templates
-I want something really customizable
-Something to upload my music to

It really sounds like you would be better with some hosting space and making your own site! For HTML editors you can just use notepad or whatever.

Yes, Ant1. This is the better way! I dislike template too... but it is interesting to use one if you have not time to develop. Me, I learned all alone, with my friend Google obviously ! wink I don't use Dreamweaver. All of my tools are completely free. I work only with :
- PSPad (text editor)
- WampServer (virtual server)
- Photofiltre (image editor)

My websites are all handmade. I am beginner in development.
An exemple :

Good luck!


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Great job! Updated jukebox : … ic-org.php


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Interesting and unique flavors from this original 1-bit  album ! Nice work ! I am listening to... heart


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A small promotion !!! wink


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Happy to see your new netlabel pXtr ! heart <updated>


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It is done (without RSS using) ! wink … ic-org.php


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Sound is very nice, and Linus is a good musician ! wink heart

Thank you guys. I updated it. … ic-org.php

Hello everybody,

Because, I like very much listen to chiptunes, I prefer playlists (and radios) than to click on one track. Sure, I do that for comment only. wink

Probably, you know my 8bc jukebox. So, today, I made a jukebox for It plays the 20 latest tunes. You can test it ! It is difficult to put tune's description because there is no RSS or other. I tried it. It works but it is really too slow. … ic-org.php

You can play it with Winamp, iTunes... and online obviously.


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