Hey!  It took me a while, but the source files for all 4 tracks are now available here.  They all run great as of 0CC-FT, if anything breaks too bad in the future I'll try to fix them.

If you're talking about audio, only 2012 got recorded.

Edit:  I think I remember some videos of performances from 2013 on youtube, but I'm pretty sure none have been recorded since.


https://thewaveformgenerators.bandcamp. … wg012-brkn


SketchMan3 wrote:

Semi-Slug by zan-zan-zawa-veia

A thousand times yes!


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I love this so much

Come party you nerds!


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I'm @mrwimmer. I mostly tweet to complain about when trackers or stuff at work bothers me.


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Holy shit this is cool!!!


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DAMN this is good

This is so goddamn good

I almost guarantee there is no consistent groove setting for this song.  Use more G commands, analyze more rhythms.


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It's very good!


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Here's a single of an instrumental EP of the same name coming out 7/30, enjoy!


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This song is basically my favorite song ever, regardless of medium.

I didn't see that this got posted here, but it's amazing!