The laptop overheated sad

hopefully that wont happen tonight

r4f9-377e taken, this is AWESOME!!

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That actually looks delicious. 

Moderately Jelly.

Me and Solarbear are the only ones in the immediate area I think, and we had somehow not known about each other until like two months ago.  Kind of impressive really.

Sadly, while he does the dance thing, I'm in the mires of singer/songwriter-dom, being "that dude with the gameboy"  helps with some recognition, but it seems like people just like it for the novelty sometimes.  Not to say there aren't a few genuine people, but the feeling of being the ambassador of chip music to the Lexington indie scene gets a little old sometimes.  I would love some more people in town.

All of my songs are narrative in form, so reading really helps me.

Especially Poe and Lovecraft.


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I use a CGB right now, as my DMG got wet, but I may have to do this and make it my permanent choice man!

Hey guys!  Since I live here, and I managed to not help out with any of the planning leading up to the fest, I've taken it upon myself to try and organize some pre-show gatherings of some sort. 

So far, I know that  Bitman and Shanebro are coming Thursday night, and that Kitsch is inbound in Wednesday.  If anyone else could tell me when they're headed into town, I'd love for us all to hang out some time.

I was thinking some sort of Food-based hangouts on Thursday, and retail-based hangouts during the day Friday before the actual show starts,   but you guys are the ones visiting, If anything catches your fancy, feel free to let me know

Knowing who is driving will also help if we have anyone who wants to carpool around our zany adventures.


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Word.  WORD.

On slow music and ass music

roboctopus wrote:

Should we plan some meet-ups?

My plans include visiting some Lexington record stores.

I would love to accompany you good sir!  We have a really good one right near where I live actually.

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Mrwimmer wrote:

I'm super excited about finally getting to meet some other chippers in real life!

y u no play

Just kinda didn't happen, i'm also still assembling a non-embarrassing rig right now, what I have right now does not sound good.

Also, i'm just not that well known, and wouldn't really help draw anyone, it's something ol'solarbears gotta worry about with a first year event.

TL:DR i'm a n00b, not my fest, maybe next year

I'm super excited about finally getting to meet some other chippers in real life!

Hey, I'm Alex!

I'm one of (I believe, and for the record would love to be wrong) two chip artists in Lexington, KY.  If you have trouble distinguishing us, Solarbear has the better facial fuzz.

I've been chipin for about 2 years now, and I sing and play guitar over it.  Shamelessly bitpop.

I've been rockin my completely stock PiL yellow DMG for way to long, and will beg for help while I try to make it what I want it to be.

You can find me at these places if you want to listen to me