What I've tentatively decided is the single for my upcoming album, "Once More Unto the Breech", it's 1x lsdj, vocals, and guitar.  Let me know what you think!

I'm playing a Show at a radio station here in Lexington, and they happen to offer streaming.  I'll be playing for an hour, the stream can be found at


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I am a thousand kinds of pumped for this!!

In the winter of 2010,  I bought on eBay a yellow play it loud and a lime green gbc,  complete with clear carrying case for the dmg,  all for $5 US.  No mods,  always have to leave a light on when I play live,  which is not that bad actually.


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I feel love for all of you.  Chippers are so supportive to other chippers.  Couldn't do it without you guys


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Silly Wimmer, y u double post?


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ant1 wrote:

OK i also love TETRIS and particularly HATRIS

Man, I cant even participate in the premise of that joke.

Fuck those wizard hats.

Russellian wrote:

Man, I wish I had stayed for the afterparty at BRK. These are awesome!

Thanks to the lovely SKGB, the BRK afterparty was immortalized for all time

Live from the B4$$ment Vol. 2

also thanks man smile


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I'm gonna go ahead and mention North and South.  That game is awesome.

Thanks you guys!


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Does turning 20 on Monday make me too old?

I've finally gotten my act together and released some of the backlog of material that's been building up for a while.  2 EPs, both extremely heartfelt.  The Year is 4 songs I wrote very early in my chip career, recorded at pretty high quality.  Foreverandeverandever is also 4 songs, written more recently, and recorded pretty lo-fi

The longest year I ever lived was when I started chipping. I laughed, I cried, I wrote.

It was a long year, but it ended.

The Year

I Love You, I Love You, I Love You?


spOOked wrote:

Cincinnati has a bit of a chip scene. Its mainly four artists andaruGO,SPRY,hunterquiin,and myself spOOked. We don't typical have big shows like they have in philly and nyc. We try to do a monthly chip show that has been dubbed "cartRAGE" I play open mics everyweek we really want to reach out to the chip community near such as kentucky indiana and illinois. The midwest has some amazing artist but I think if we can get together we can make something huge I hope. It does suck having shows were 4 people come but we have a lot heart and played our brains out. We can have differances but we mostky get along. tongue you just got to play to the people in this city wither its basement shows somebodys garage we try to play anywhere.

Me and solarbear have got to get up there to play a show soon



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Thank you for enabling my broke ass.

Kentucky loves you man.

The whole event was beyond wonderful.

5/5, would BRK again