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This record is really good!!

If you want a windows program that can make a lot of chip sounds, you should look into famitracker.


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this is very good!

It's the highlight feature.  Double-tap A on it and it should go away.

Some parts of Azuria Sky's work are pretty close to what you're asking for.

This is rad as hell!


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Very good!


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https://petalportmusic.bandcamp.com/alb … us-anymore

The Alesis Ion has 4-part/8-voice multi-timbral, the Micron has 8-part/8-voice and they can both be controlled by this thing.

It's pretty rad, tbh.

AndrewKilpatrick wrote:

We're done! Thanks again for all the support, tracklist of the year is below and you can get the full zip of the entire year (all 45 singles!) right here!
Adiós ~ x ~
Andrew & Alex

thank you for all the amazing material!  This project will be missed!


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this might help http://blog.gg8.se/wordpress/2009/07/26 … -glitches/


So I moved to California and now I'm in a band with Wizwars.  An actual record is on the way, but til then, here's (what I feel is) a really good live album.  Pick it up here

Very excited about this

The dev did at least offer an art trade, so that's at least an effort


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Feryl wrote:

16-bit? GameBoy music?

One of these things is not the other!

GBA, yo it's mostly nanoloop. 

It's also just a really good record, pedantry aside.