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Oh man, too much awesome D:

makes me remember this... fun times in IRC
http://8bc.org/music/terShif+tBi/FREATL … +(+%3AD+)/


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There's a new NES flashcart being released soon:
http://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/2004/ … a-1-built/

In terms of PAL CICs, it would be great if I could have one - if you think it'd work tongue I have a head full of ideas, mostly related to the fact you can transfer data to and from the NES while it's running... better learn to code heheh

likeluke wrote:
DaPantz wrote:

Saaaaaaaame here.

no, man. fuck YOU.

Agreed. I'm so addicted to YMCK at the moment!

If you do and fancy making my cartridge PAL, that's be awesome! But no worries either way, since I can pretty easily mod my NES smile

I was about to say that I was having a PAL one too but I think I said I was just gonna mod my NES...


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I agree with OMODAKA, Blitz Lunar, Shnabubula.

Also Virt and SAVESTATES, they're so awesome.

It feels so good, having already paid for one of these... I paid for it a while back, meaning that when I get it now it'll just feel like a present tongue very excited!


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New iPod Touch, and all three of these:

I now have 2 iPod Touches with touchOSC, those controllers and a synth. My mission: to hook them all up to Renoise, which only accepts 2 MIDI Inputs and looks very complicated to set up with OSC. Doing well so far - one touchOSC through a pd patch, into MIDI, the 3 controllers merged using MIDI OX, and all of it into 2 MIDI-YOKE channels. Hopefully I'll have an awesome song done soon! tongue

Edit: And Komplete 7 Elements, too!

For original game music, this:

Such a good tune, with elements of chip in there too.

Awesome to the max!

"I may also add a toggle so you can have it always run the last selected item if you're not pressing anything on the controller. Then you'd hold A to SHOW the menu." This is what I thought when I watched the video, apart from the obvious OMG CAN'T WAIT TO GET MY BETA CARTRIDGE thing tongue

Style: Chip Prog Rock... the more different time signatures the better.
Lyrics: Use http://watchout4snakes.com/CreativityTo … graph.aspx and http://watchout4snakes.com/CreativityTo … tence.aspx to generate them all. Feel free to put whatever you want in the boxes!

Edit: Extra points if you run some of those phrases through http://www.translationparty.com/ too tongue

SurfaceDragon: Stop posting your own artwork for it, it already has artwork. If you want to do that make your own thread.


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Definitely up for this - it'll give me an incentive to carry on learning to code for NES too... I'm in big_smile


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I got mine in a moment of epiphany after visiting a broken forum while browsing the web for things related to that roguelike IVAN. The page consisted of a bunch of code, followed by a gap, followed by more code. And in the middle, basked in glowing whiteness, the words 'Cesque does not exist.' I found this quite poignant, and adopted it. Later I found out that Cesque was a user on the forums, and I stole his name... sorry!

It sounds French but means nothing at all, and also looks nice backwards: euqsec!