I'm in US. Still have it. Sorry for the late response.


Original case/buttons. Red bivert backlit screen. 1/8" prosound. Glass screen. Battery case is gray painted black. No dead pixels/lines. Functions perfectly.


05-31-2019 UPDATE: Forgot I have some other goodies to go with it. https://imgur.com/a/dv2hiKU $200 + shipping OBO

Will include a bunch of metallic LSDJ stickers and some vinyl Nintendo stickers because you are cool.

$5 of purchase will be donated to LSDj.

Interested. PM'd. Hopefully it's still available.

If anyone else is selling a white backlit prosound gray DMG with cart, hit me up. Interested in package deals like this too.

Yo I'm interested in that mixer. I'm in the Inland Empire but go to Costa Mesa regularly. Want to meet up at Mitsuwa this Saturday? ^__^

I didn't list it because I don't like having to charge so much for international shipping.

If you're willing to cover the charge though, I'll do it.

Let me post the pics before you make any decisions though. They'll be up today.

About to update thread with the following items. Just need a few more images.

Blackboy: Prosounded, Dual Red LED Backlighting, Biverted, Chipmusic In Stereo Screen Cover, Rechargable Battery Pack, Official Nintendo Gameboy Carrying Case, 9 Games. Total is $90 shipped domestically.

Black Gameboy Micro with Black Faceplate. Comes with Final Fantasy VI, Carrying Case & Charger. $50 Shipped domestically.

Pocket VBLANK. $90 shipped domestically.


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I have a Pocket VBlank I'd consider selling.

Putting MIDINES on ebay tonight at around 8pm PST. Available here till then.

EDIT: Done.

EDIT x2: Sheeeeeit... sold within 5 minutes of me posting it. I'm gonna miss her...

wedanced wrote:

i have exactly $8 in my account. how far does that get me?

Send me the money and I'll send you nude pictures of the MIDINES.

wedanced wrote:

can i put that shit on layaway?

Don't really want to put myself in limbo like that. I'm gonna PM you though.

DJCactus wrote:

you know i have two nintendos and only one midi nes...  but i cant imagine using both of them, the one i have doesnt see much use as is.

You could throw one at the other and use whichever survives. It's only $150 for the sake of science AND music, how can you afford not to do it?

wedanced wrote:

let me see how my funds are and i might take you up on dis.

For sure mang.

EDIT: What the hump? I could've sworn I edited first post/topic to reflect new prices days ago. Oh well...

MIDINES is now $150 +shipping.


Yo, EZ Flash IV works on Gameboy Micro too. I've seen some websites, including Nonfinite, not list that useful information.


wedanced wrote:

bad joke....

I thought it was pretty funny.

Same day you posted it, I saw a "Citrus-Boy" for sale on 8BC, which reminded me of all the other silly names I've seen recently.

Made me wonder if I'd ever see an "Asian-Boy" or "Indian-Boy" up for sale. Then I thought about my sale... Xp

I'm now accepting offers for MIDINES.

Turst me, I do like money, but I'd rather it go to a good home here than to some electronics orphanage through ebay.

So NES PowerPak and Nanoloop are officially gone.

I'm curious why nobody is interested in MIDINES. Price too high? Nobody has use for it?

BlakePalmer wrote:

FUUUUUU, this was the main thing i needed.
and thanks, i'll check the pm.

Ah, my apologies sir. There is another guy selling one here: http://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/3992/ … in-the-us/

Nanoloop is pending purchase.

EDIT: Though someone has expressed interest in MIDINES and Blackboy, there was no mention of actually purchasing them or trading for them. So these are still available.

wedanced wrote:

interested in the 2.3 email please.