PO-32 has a sync mode that allows it to be synced to literally anything, if you're ok with losing your panning in the process. The basic idea is to have the left channel exclusive to syncing, and fill with 8th notes. The bassier and lower and louder the better (it takes some time of tweaking, depending on how you set it one note might trigger two steps on PO-32). Then put everything else on the right channel and voila. Do do this you have to connect the lsdj to po-32's input and set it to sync mode 3 if I'm not mistaken. From what I read online it seems that every Pocket Operator has the same syncing functions, so depending on how you set up you can do that with pretty much all of them.


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not anymore


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heart u


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Can I get Cigarrette Lighter?


Jellica wrote:

he is like totally my second favorite edm producer after david guetta.

actually maybe 3rd after swedish house mafia.

i think that william is probably my forth favorite edm producer.

It needs a Holy Konni track!

Good track.


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Nice, nice, very nice.



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When it comes to tables, your imagination is the limit. Pay attention to commands like GROV (which will make the table have the same speed of the chain, unless you start fiddling with GROV later), HOP, that will help you create loops, VOLM for envelopes (using with HOP and GROV will make it easy to create a basic envelope) and etc. If you're dealing with oscilator mode, I really sugest you two things: download monowave and start fiddling with LPOF and HOP. With oscilator and a table like this I was able, for instance, to use piggy as an autotune machine.



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Very nice!


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Haha. But that's awesome still. I was just wondering (since I don't understand much about MIDI).


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@herr_prof: i don't understand much about MIDI and all, but does that mean that we can use piggy as a synth now? Like, control the notes being played from a MIDI device or software? Or is it just to start and stop the track?


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Nice news! This stop command will really help!


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