Yes, I support your midwestern movement! Cant wait to contribute to the cover art (hopefully) and my track submission is almost done. Just a couple more minutes in the oven.


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Depending how you learn, sometimes a tutorial might not the best way of doing things. If you have some knowledge of some music theory, maybe you need to 'jam' on a keyboard. For me that's easier than trying to sequence melodies on a screen out of thin air. Sometimes I just goof around trying to learn sega/NES theme music, and all of the sudden I get sidetracked and Im creating something entirely new that might translate into a new song.

Also, some songs you write arent going to get finished. That's fine. Only finish a track if you are *inspired* to get through it and feel its catchy enough to put a lot of time into. For me, about 1/4th of the songs I write I actually finish, and then those keeper tracks usually take me at least 5 hours over a couple days. Sometimes shorter, sometimes longer, but the point is, some of your music will have to be stepping stones onto better tracks. No need to crap out tons of songs that no one cares to listen to, and you can gain a lot just by exercising your songwriting abilities. So start small and see what happens.


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maybe the key isnt a netlabel but something else that could help the community in some way.

I saw the blog suggestion which is not a bad idea. Maybe you could try a web radio show. Or something else that hasnt been done yet. There's plenty of things that could help artists/fans get on the same page that no one tried yet. Think about it!


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I dont know if this will be the year I go LIVE, I do want to share my music with people IRL, however I have a high standard for live performances.

I couldnt live with myself just pressing play, fiddling some knobs and rocking out. I find that to be sorta lame. Maybe with some visual elements and keyboard leads. Some day when I do, I will definitely come out to Milwaukee though!

I do have more solid plans to release a legit album by spring time. That should allow me enough time, right?


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good stuff all around!


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yes this shit is raw comin at ya now


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super mario 64 had some great music. some of it sounded fairly organic for digital sounds.

celsius wrote:

Yeah! Let's rip off someone else's intellectual property for personal gain!

The fuck is wrong with you?

The guy who makes LGPT is a community member who makes Piggy available for free (donation requested but not mandatory). I'm sure Marc would love to fund his future endeavours or past losses associated with the project with some merch sales. The least anyone could do is approach the owner of the IP and maybe work out a profit share deal.

Correct as usual, King Celsius. Clearly I was suggesting that plagiarism is awesome and we should all steal others logos and ideas for financial gain. Thanks.

I was simply suggesting if you want something, you shouldnt *hope* someone else does it and take a more DIY approach.

Besides, the OP said they wouldnt be undertaking the project and *ALSO* unless Marc printed those bandanas himself, someone else has already got on that. You should get to the bottom of this.

I think they want someone to screen print custom headbands so they can buy one. I say, DO IT YOURSELF and turn your own profit on em! Silk screening is a project anyone can do for about $40-60. Even if you print 200 and sell them all for $10, you can then pat yourself on the back (in a pool of money).


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the 3d pixel art is fantastic, man! reminds me of minecraft/DS gfx


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great write up. only thing that would make this better is visual examples and maybe even a couple audio ones.


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I would say this is more upsetting than flattering, given the circumstance and how they sampled and modified his song. If they don't care enough to make it right, sue the bastards.


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you can call it a turd or you can call it a shit. both are right in there own aspect.


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I heard a new Linkin Park song on the radio with a square lead with some mild arps on it. It definitely sounded chippy and it was disappointing when the vocals came in and ruined it.

I think we'll see more mainstream music 'borrowing' some lo-fi instruments or techniques (in the next 5 years) but legitimate chip music is faaaar away from radio play. People are either into it or they think it's too novel an idea and don't consider it real music even if they like the catchyness. This is just based on reactions I've seen personally. With that being said, I still think the 'scene' has room to grow and there's more nerds and gamers out there who havent been exposed to enough chip music, but overall the masses arent ready for this shit.

GREAT vgm. I only checked out the demo on PSN but first thing I noticed was how badass the soundtrack was. It's so furious!