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akira^8GB wrote:
Awol wrote:


Not even in the General Discussion subforum?

No sad
This forum is a change, a sigh of fresh air.
Don't fuck it up sad

While I'm at it, please stop regurgitating threads from other forums, specially NON CHIPMUSIC ones. It's silly  and degrades the top quality of this place.

pretty much in agreement with akira on this one smile
im hoping you all behave so well that us moderators dont really need to do much
that way we can all make a little more music this year big_smile


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yes to vitners chip logo..delicious chips
i also propose a sponsorship deal with them that gets all the staff free vitners smile


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akira^8GB wrote:



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ill probably do a nanoloop 2.3 fm track smile


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oh you guys, restoring my faith in the scene

sweet..i can bring my arimatress, that thing is awesome

yep, that was at mccarthy's too


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yeah, a new album thatll be out next week (different from what id already been/still am working on with LGPT)...all nanoloop 2.3 stuff


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akira^8GB wrote:

I support tags, of any kind, but I do not support a requirement of describing the software/hardware used. Really unnecessary IMO.

dont think anyone meant for it to be mandatory, just a nice option..i think itd be helpful for some people, so they can get to recognize certain pieces of gear's sound and maybe figure out things theyd like to work with as well


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oh, i meant your guide pace, one a day (ive got 9 done)..fuck, youve got 18 already yikes, well done

id maybe be down for a jam, though i guess thatd mean id need a place to stay overnight


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im somehow ahead of your pace for now..i expect that to end this weekend when you two pass me smile

i have a full album of new material for this, cds should be available by then too..also hopefully some special visuals as well smile
nanoloop 2.3 x2 + game boy micro x2 + kaoss pad mini + behringer xenyx802 = audio gear for set
pikix on gp2x + pocket vblank + sima sfx-9 video mixer (dont feel like bringing my v4 tongue) + projector = video gear for set


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im all for this, sounds nice


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DaPantz wrote:

How come I don't have any likes on my tracks here yet?!

because your hair isnt cool enough smile


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trash80 wrote:
e.s.c. wrote:

i totally hadnt realized we'd launched yikes
i was busy writing new songs and watching hockey

we launched like 20 mins ago.

see? im rarely that late to something sad