march 9th, btw.

okay, it's understandable moreso now that i know around how long it takes.

Directly from the nanoloop site.
And it didn't give me any rough idea of shipping time, I just figured someone else would know a good indication of time from personal experience.

I ordered a nanoloop cart back in march.
I still haven't gotten it yet, and I was curious how long it took others to recieve their carts...

Hedgehog Sequencer: … ehog/#beta

(There is also Tractor Pull and another program made by the same people that made hedgehog, i just couldn't find the links)

Shifty Death Synthesizer:

Bhaji's Loops / Microbe:

Anyone else know of any neat tools?
EDIT: I just wanted to give some alternatives to some people, a little variation, and figured i'd share some of the findings of the research i've been doing lately.

How can BMP's be backed up anyways?

It works, sketch!


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You'll wanna go with a netbook, most tablets, as far as i know, don't have USB, and if they do then it's Mini, or micro usb.

@ Moderators, please move this to Handhelds, i thought i posted it there, but it was an honest mistake.
too much coffee, sorry!

I can't tell how much sarcasm is being used here.

This forum is a matter of opinion, rather than just suggestion.

I have a gameboy micro.
Currently, i have M4G tracker on a flash cartridge, and I really really despise it.
I'd like to know YOUR favorite tracker/synth/noise maker and WHY you like using it.

That's great, guys!
i know there was one compilation floating around 8bc, but it's down, and there's one artist, which i can't remember the name at the moment, but they made all their music with a gameboy camera.
@Joe It sounds awesome with some delay, fuzz, or reverb on a mixer, nice and atmospheric.

I was wondering for those who do own a gameboy camera or two, maybe even a few, who would be interested in starting a new compilation?
I know there's a few already, I just want to get newer artists to chipmusic interested in it.
and maybe even a few heavily experienced users that make chip music on their own.
I'd really like to hear what such a limited little sequencer can do when multiple are being used, and maybe some mixer effects.

Never used soundfounts in piggy, but I use the piggy on my PSP.
With .Wav samples you can change the filter, downsample, crush, etc.
I'm guessing with soundfonts maybe you could do the same?

this makes me want to do a song with like four gb cam's