Sent you a pm Domu.

Hey, sounds interesting. Is it going to be a web app?

Just finished a new version of the Glitchatron, this version is in Javascript so the image you choose to glitch does not have to be uploaded first. There are a few mask effects to choose from (circle, triangle) and you can add text.


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Awol wrote:

Poisoncut, what was your old job and why did you switch?

It was an IT support job in an office, but there was already a phone helpdesk before things came to me and most of the time they managed to sort it. I didnt switch through choice, it was because they eventually noticed that they had loads of people sat around with hardly anything to do.

Thanks for all your replies, there are some useful tips here. I suppose just sitting down and starting whenever I can is what is what i'll have to do for now but as Subterrestrial says, it does help knowing there is a long uninterrupted stretch of time so you can focus and really get into the flow of things. 

I suppose train rides are good places to record ideas, an android tablet with milky tracker would be nice.


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I used to have a job where I was sat in a little room with a door that locked and most of the time there was nothing to do. I would sit there with headphones on and run milky tracker on my work pc, come home and finish off whatever I had started. I did that for years!

Now that I have a job where actual work is required all through the day, on top of coming home and having to make a meal etc its hard to find time to get into that music production flow.

So, for the people with full time jobs, how do you go about finding time for your music?


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I made a php script to glitch up images, it's been posted here before:
It just does a find and replace on random parts of the file, leaving out the header section. The results are not as good as those ones done in an audio editor though, what kind of effects did you add?

I think a Last FM style site specifically for chiptunes would be great and quite interesting to develop. It would need a lot of hard drive space though, i've just had a quick look on 123reg and it costs £75 a month for a vps with 300gb so would the site would need a way to fund itself.

Nice, mine is more of a data glitch, like it says that one creates an analogue tv effect.

Glitchatron is an online tool to glitch up your pics:

It breaks up your image into 8 pieces, then puts it back together randomly deciding if its going to glitch each piece.

It's quite simple at the moment, i'll hopefully add some more features in the future


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This is good.


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Good work 8gb, looks like a great live show.

A whole weekend of chip!? Better watch we don't end up with square ears!


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A selection of 8-bit and megadrive infuenced tracks made for the space combat simulation game: Scrumble Ship. … soundtrack

There is this event by calmdownkidder on the 29th of Feb in Liverpool:

Also, Megabyte in Manchester hold regular events:

Lol, love your descriptions of everything.  Is this album on soundcloud?