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SQJ wrote:

Hi, I've recently found that you are trying to use SQJ, I hope my answer is not too late smile
Here you have latest version of software with list of button combos: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id= … sp=sharing


hey, only a year & change, but I'll take it!! Thanks so much.

sandneil wrote:

behringer uca222

- cheap as chips
- class compliant (no driver issues)
- mostly works

- the i/o is RCA which i guess is for use with turntables and tape decks and stuff. nothing i use has RCA so i had to use a bunch of adapters. if you have a gameboy with RCA on it like i've seen a few cm.o members using i guess this could be considered a pro rather than a con
- sometimes has weird inexplicable crackling or just flat out refuses to work, often these things seem to just resolve themselves


also own a 222 and agree with neil, though mine never had crackling issues. RCA was a plus for me as I kept it plugged into a mixer and a tape deck, from which I frequently sampled to Ableton with zero problems. The 222 is usually the same price as the 202 ("cheap as chips" is about right) so I'd say go for it unless you're really really worried about quality.


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absolutely bonkers, my god. waka flocka samples on "too turnt" made me weep for joy.

I bought the lot of gameboy games; shipping is also mad slow I guess? Gonna trust the others who have put faith in Max. Hopefully those puppies arrive soon smile

defiantsystems wrote:

So, here's an image that shows the layout of the jack (I had to look this up too). You solder right to the little posts/arms - I had a real fun time setting up my helping hands thingie to do them all at once, but it eventually worked out (yes, I own up to my crap tier soldering).

edit: the shorter post on the jack is right audio, btw - realized image doesn't really show that. long post is left, hook is ground.

As far as swapping out the board goes, I honestly haven't done it yet. I imagine as long as you get similar gauge wires (which Kitsch provides with the 1/4 kit, so I'm sure he at least has them) and 'extend' the wire by cutting, stripping, and re-soldering in a longer piece, you should be good.

Somebody who *actually* knows things should correct me.

FYI - I just did this procedure yesterday with a Kitsch shell. The fit is *real* tight, but you barely even have to hot glue/epoxy it in there because it's so snug. Just the right amount of space between battery compartment and side.

The tutorial above (from ASMRetro, I think) worked for me, although on my DMG (and I suspect this is the case for most) the extra board that you need to switch sides doesn't have enough wire length to go over to the right side. I installed the 1/4" prepot and confirmed it works great, but I can't close the case until I get some more wire and 'extend' the wires on the extra board so that I can move it all the way over to the other side and tuck it in.

I can provide a pic if this doesn't make sense.


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bryface wrote:
herr_prof wrote:

yea i bet the ds-10 forum is loosing it right now.


dude, that thread says that the korg M01D is actually in 3d. mind=blown


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seems like a great form factor for playing it live. i can see ditching the stylus and holding it in two hands just rockin' out.
also, nice price. i have seen the 3DS' 3D and like it, as well as the flippy design, but the price of this makes it way more attractive.


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Jazzmarazz wrote:

EDIT: Grey noise is prettiest. tongue

things I learned from this article:

1. black noise exists
2. black noise models the frequency of natural disasters

welp, didn't want to sleep tonight anyway


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my.Explosion wrote:

holy shit this is fresh. I love the white-sprayed clearboy look; absolute dynamite.


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carefully constructing a lattice of newspaper, kindling, and medium-sized logs
dribbling in some hot wax and a little dryer lint as a garnish
liberally dousing the whole shebang with a can of gasoline and/or paint thinner
lighting a match
savoring the lit match
tossing it into the pile without looking.


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e.s.c. wrote:

no sir, fuck you

when i have to be the 'gatekeeper' for people at work because i answer the phone.

(obviously a telemarketer type person calls asking for someone)
"um yeah let me...check if they're in"
(...do i go ask them if they wanna talk to the dude, or just outright reject the dude?)
"so, uh, this dude is calling, says he's from xyz place"
"what's he want"
"something about our services...do you want to talk to him"
"uh....nah, not really..."
(goes back to the phone)
"so uh sorry for keeping you waiting, he doesn't really want to...i mean he's, uh, in a meeting"
(telemarketer person wants to know when is good)
"probably any time after 2pm really"
"yeah you have a good day too"


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Asian studies major - speak Japanese and Chinese. Hoping to go to Taiwan or return to Beijing/Tokyo on a scholarship after I finish my final year of college.

PM'd about the blue shell; this price drop was exactly what I was waiting for.

also I feel ya on the textbook moneys hmm