Finally some good use for that Plus4 that I have in my closet!

1. Most important problem I noticed is when playing in song mode it has a small delay when it goes to the next pattern, which makes midi sync etc. impossible. This in my opinion is the first thing that needs to be fixed.

2. moving between "song mode" en "pattern mode" also creates a delay in the sound, this seems like the second thing that needs looking into to make it fully functional.

Saving: saving is possible but it requires the knowledge of exactly how.

Creating new patterns in song screen works, but requires knowledge of how again.

The program does not remember pot settings, which is not an error. this is not implemented as the manual says it saves only the function you assign to the pot. not the parameter.

Changing a pattern = change pattern number in song mode, press start on pattern so it starts playing, prees start to stop playing but notice that the arrow is now next to the new pattern, the pattern with the arrow next to it is the pattern that you can adjust in pattern screen.

How to save exactly I'll have to check again tonight when i'm home from work

Edit: also, since in the first post is mentioned that the idea is running it on a flash cart with saving different and midi instead of the pots, would there still be a solution for us that have the GB-303 hardware.   since I think that only problem 1 & 2 I mentioned needs fixing for the hardware gb303 cart.
Then we still need a way to flash and we would have a functional GB303 device.

From the back if you refer to the simple drawn schematic on here's a picture to help you even more.
This if from mine, I DID IT WRONG! smile , (photo of midi output) again, take note: my resistor is on the wrong side! should go to the leg the arrow points at.
Don't pay attention to the crappy soldering haha

KyokudoCore Records is proud to present you their first Chiptune influenced compilation! 10 high-quality tracks of Chiptune, Chipcore, Chipbreak, 8 Bit Hardcore & Speedcore, made on the real hardware like Gameboy, Amiga, or emulators and DAW. We hope you'll enjoy this musical adventure to the 8-Bit world!

Name: V.A. - KyokudoCore 8 Bit Adventures
Catalog #: KCRFREE004
Style: Chiptune, Breakcore, Hardcore, Speedcore

01. Storz - Birds (4:29)
02. Bokusatsu Shoujo Koubou - Satan Of North Tenjin (5:55)
03. HIA - LMNT (4:03)
04. CDR - Henchiku (2:00)
05. Kyou1110 - Onion Fighters (2:44)
06. Shocker TV - Sugarvomit (3:32)
07. DJKurara - Chiprave Absolute (4:37)
08. Bondage Schoolgirls Torture - へんたいコア (2:08)
09. Loffciamcore - Game Over Haters (3:38)
10. Passenger Of Shit - Terd Ninja Labyrinth Level (0:58)

Total time: 34:04

FREE Download:
- Bandcamp (Choose your format - Mp3, Flac, Ogg, AAC, ALAC): … 04-v-a-ky…
- Web (Zip, Mp3, 320 Kbps, Artworks, Info):
- Mediafire (Zip, Mp3, 320 Kbps, Artworks, Info):

All tracks produced by KyokudoCore Records artists & guests.
Artwork by DJKurara.
Mastered by S.O.T.U.I & artists.
Compiled by Kurwastyle Project & DJKurara.
Cat. no: KCRFREE004
© 2014 KyokudoCore Records

you won't hear me say to stay away from behringer, they have some good stuff, but stay away from U-control soundcard, it's audio quality is a bit better than onboard sound, but not all that great, I think as soon as you reach +100$/€ for a soundcard it will deliver pretty ok.

Most important, if you spend a bit more money on a soundcard, think about what in/ouputs you want, not now, but in the (near) future.
(I would also recommend a NI audio 6, My audio 2 is still one of my best sounding cards)


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And here's the track:


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Thanks alot, making a track with it atm. ! smile

For "Live" play I use song mode, select which part of a song I want to use and change the beginning and end to make it more mixable.
Add a few fx and Sample here and there and you're pretty busy smile


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Don Chanomi tongue


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I might as well share it in this topic also, almost finished my C64c mod, still some small problems to fix but 98% working and playable!

Single SID atm. , built in Behringer V-Tone (AMPSIM/DI box) , Internal screen, 555 LFO & Modded MIDI keyboard!

I wanted to do something different in my mod and i think i succeeded tongue


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Thanks Sketchman,

I total agree about the variations, no excuses but I was working on all tracks at the same time with a deadline. sad
Also, about the melody, this is what I love about LSDj, only 4 channels. Pre-chiptune I used 50+ channels in ableton, which made me forget about the melody sometimes. Still need to work on it though. (started adding more & more chords in my new lsdj track.)

Thanks for the tip about doubling pulse channel, will look into this, this can really fill up the track I guess. smile
There's some parts to lsdj that I still need to discover smile

Lol it's ok man, I can relate to your personal preference smile , so your advice will be more than appreciated!! Hope you enjoyed listening!


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Thank you guys for listening & thanks alot for the positive comments! I made 10-12 tracks so far, these were the 6 best ones imo. I've been making music for a longer time, so that helped me alot when starting with LSDJ.
Most basics I believe I know by now, now to start practicing on crazy table activity smile

Again thanks for listening and expect more crazy stuff in the near future!!!

You can follow me on soundcloud:

or get in touch with me on facebook:


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Been waiting for this for so long... (not having the skills to make it myself)


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I just released my first steps into chiptune through the world of LSDJ.
Been making music on gameboy for almost half a year now i think, i made 14 tracks or so..
this is a selection of the most decent ones.

Released by BITGRID & available on bandcamp

still very new so all tips are welcome! smile

Another small question about soldering..
I have a 90W soldering station and can change the temperature, what would be the best temperatures to solder small electronic parts?


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I used Tamiya paint one the last one i painted. Just tried scratching it off, it comes off but not easily (didn't coat it), it has a good feel and the one i used (TS-8 Italian red) still shows the text.