Wow, that is a really clever device. Never heard of it before, but looks incredibly fun to pair with GenMDM. Bringing the workflow out of the daw, and closer the hands it always welcomed! heart


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Wanted to share my tool I made to search for a decently small, but fairly accurate set of DPCM samples to get the DPCM loop mode to produce a usable tone channel.

Default set ranges from notes D1-C3
Consumes 698 bytes total
Contains 10 unique .dmc files
With pitches being 99.85% accurate overall.

All my fami files, and code are here:

Demo of the sample set here:


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Screw both!
̶M̶M̶L̶ ̶O̶n̶l̶y̶
.db statements only!

While a whole track is playing, this clicking is usually imperceivable. it is a part of the hardware.

Zi wrote:

Bleep Bop Records ( - 2a03 still going strong here in the states!

Damn, nice of you to finally join the party, Zi.


Just showin' a little bit about my initial workflow and getting drafts and ideas down. Once the steps I show in the video are complete, the stuff I like usually gets transcribed into MML.


   Doing a limited first run of my recently completed homebrew for the NES, 'Moonfall'. For those that may or not be aware, it is a Zelda compilation album of about 30 of my favorite tracks from the Zelda franchise coded in MML, to be playable on the original console, where it all began. I coded the ROM myself in assembly code. More details like track list and in browser flash demo on the site.
   This first run is very limited, only managed to make about 40-45 carts. Planning on doing another round if there is interest.


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I found this release to be spooky.

For as long as they have been holding out on that thing, I do not think it will be anything more than their personal dev software.


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Sure. Since your save format is unique and there is no NSF exporting, will you have any MP3 or WAV exporting option? Or does the user have to find a way to record the output of their desktop computer?


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lol, I think I just suck at reading. Reading it a second time, you explained it correct and well. You mentioned  "This is what I do, not user.". I will learn to read better, haha.


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Oh ok I see. So the user inputs an NSF. When you stated that NSF support would be unlikely, I wrongly assumed this also meant input. not just the save format. Thanks for the clarification.


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When you say it is deconstructions of games/soundtracks... are these roms that are being loaded in, and the song data/instruments are being analysed and displayed for the user to edit?

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Indicate prices on items you are selling.  If you are trying to auction it off put it on ebay and put a link to the sale here.


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Ordered! Order #1008 As posted in Nov 2018 I still want cart 20

Are you in a region where just running an NTSC NES isn't an option? They are pretty cheap if all you're doing is hardware rendering.