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Real awesome! I love the NTSC/PAL and 6581/8580 buttons.


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catskull wrote:

Who's up for YM2018?

Can I pre-order now?  wink


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nanode wrote:
TylerBarnes wrote:

O_O Not that one that was like $400, was it? yikes

it was but it was sold for $150 US.

Thank god. That's not too bad. I'd gladly pay $150 for another.


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defensem3ch wrote:

haha true my save files are a mess!... well anyway i ended up snagging 1 lone used DnD off eBay. best of luck to anyone else trying to get a hold of one of these....

O_O Not that one that was like $400, was it? yikes


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I think it's a novel idea. It will help with brand recognition. For example, look at Valenberg's symbol. I can always count on seeing that in his pixel art and knowing it's from him. I found myself seeing and recognizing the symbol more times then remembering his name.


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Arc-Demon wrote:

....to use in place of my name....


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I really like some of the mixed (broken) waveforms on the 6581. If I remember correct the tri+sqr can be really raspy and expressive with PWM.

I think MSSIAH I fine for live stuff. Make clips and instruments. sync via midi, play it like a piano in the instrument screen while the track plays. whatever you want really. Make sections on the timeline and trigger as needed with midi. Not saying it's easy as chips but not rocket sockets.


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Go to your local thrift store and find yourself some kids toys to work on. Because A: never work on a mains powered device while circuit bending. and B: don't get in over your head before you get the basics. Surely never do both!


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Some really great programming on Infinity Fortress. just wow


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Loose Unit was dope AF. Reminded me of the ol' fidget house/electro days. lol

So much potential. Sadly the good ones were abandoned.



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I've seen them here before, but the most reliable places are c64 specific forums. You may try Lemon64

porsilasmoscas wrote:

if i'm doing something wrong please tell me, there is no need to be an ass

Look, you cannot make a game in which the main selling point, and center of focus is chipmusic, and then turn around and ask for that component from other people for free. This isn’t background music, it’s integral to the success of your title. It’s crucial that a music-based rhythm game’s music be good. To come onto a forum full of creators and use your very first post to ask them for free work is not a great first impression. What you have made is just a Kaboom/Avalanche clone roughly synced to music. People have made a stink about being asked for free work (and rightly so) over much more deserving/ambitious projects. Playing ignorant like what you asked is even in the ballpark of being reasonable is pretty disingenuous.

I’m not here to tell you not to use chipmusic in your game as your gimmick/niche if you like it. Nor will I hold this against you in the future if you decide to stick around the forums. Chipmusic is for all. Try not to take it personal. You’re just not the first, and certainly won’t be the last, to try to use this community as a pond to cast their lure in, fishing for free content.

I'm looking for free coding work donations. Will you build me and app? I'm poor as fuck and I doubt I'll make any money off my chiptunes. I tried making one myself but without any coding knowledge and little time, it's too hard. sad