This is fire as f**ck

Honestly one of the best visualizers I've seen in a very long time.


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This is too good..... It might even be three good.


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Very Nice!


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My jaw drop has reached china.

A for Amiga
Parallel Processing


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Zelda Compilation album on cart in the works. Learned assembly code to make the rom myself. ^_^ Will release on cartridge once completed.


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I think it would be funny if instead of a 33.3RPM and 45RPM selector it was labeled PAL/NTSC or something. tongue Cause they are very close but PAL is slightly slower. Just like the 33.3 and 45 relationship.

Do want! ^_^


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I can seem to figure out the M1 (Rhythm mode) setting for the YM2413 via XPMCK. Documentation just explains to Set M1 for rhythm Set the @ to your instrument (@0=kick @1=snare, etc) and play on channels K-M. However nothing is actually giving me a drum sound. Going back to Melody Mode (M0) while keeping all else the same works perfectly fine. Playing in SMS Plus Emulator. Any help or input would be awesome. Thanks

This is what I have:

K t120
K M1 v15 o1 l4
K L @0 c @1 c

Currently been trying to figure this out for XPMCK. Seemingly setting everything right and getting no rhythm hits playing. Tried all octaves and setting mode back to M0 for melody mode works perfectly fine.

I have

K M1 v15 o1 l2
K L @0 c @1 c


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One of my favorite tracks on the cart.


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Dang, woulda really loved this on Cassette. Sick release! smile


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Instabought. heart


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Cart 20 if possible. Lowest if unavailable. Do we email you? PM? Here is fine?


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yikes How awful! I've done the same thing in Ableton before. It's so dumb, the "save" button actually deletes your undo history, so I had for whatever reason removed everything did a little clip or something and auto piloted a CMD+S to save and POP!! There went my song.

Until you find a solution, start recreating while it's still fresh in your memory.


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