I like how you guys still care for the site despite low activity. Keep it up guys, there's plenty of good tips in here (Just hoping all the information  in the threads dosen't get lost like 8bc)


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Awesome! Good to know you're still alive


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you're the best!


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snes trackers

Lots to list here.


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It's too late for April fools jokes

(I know he won't read it, but whatever) The mod looked interesting, to be honest, but It actually seems cumbersome to pull it off and I don't think it look good on if it's just going to be used that gameboy with lsdj.

Have you tried Pterodactyl squad? theres also the cheapbeats label

Looking forward to it. It has a lot of potential.


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Music and getting a life


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Lazerbeat could be an option. Try messaging him.


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Is impressive how much you have improved since the first release where you had that megaman 3 live mode remix. I wish you solve whatever struggle you have soon so you can make what you want, even if it's not chipmusic. Good luck *thumbsup*

Put a deadline and I'll see if I can come with something to share. Usually I don't do chiptrash/hardcore but Datathrash had really heavy releases and liked the quality of those releases.

Yes you can
although I need to know if I still have my save file

I'm up


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This program is really nice! Gotta learn how to make .gifs that don't suck now.