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Haha, hello you pair. Hope you're both safe and well. It's been a while! big_smile


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In the same spirit as the source code dump for PR8, here's the same for Pulsar.


There are a few bugs that need my attention and which I'll endeavour to address, time permitting. If you find any issues or know of any historical ones you can add them to the issue tracker on the git repository.

Peace and love,


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Quick update. Thanks to help from INFU I've managed to (re)figure out what the hell the code does in PR8 and fixed a couple of big bugs in it.

*    Bug: NTSC/PAL versioning was not actually working so the note pitches were off. Fixed.
*    Bug: It was possible to modify a note value outside of valid range. Fixed.
*    Bug: It was possible to change a Phrase number a make it go outside of valid range which in turn corrupted your save file. Fixed.

For anyone that uses it this is an essential update. Go here:


And if you scroll down towards the bottom (it's alphabetical) you should see 'pr8_ntsc.nes' and 'pr8_pal.nes' - grab whichever one of those suits your needs.

Also, on the slim chance that anyone actually tried to build this bastard, you probably found it was impossible. I've fixed that too.


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egr wrote:

Hey, it's great to see you again Neil! smile  Gonna look into this PayPal coffee, you definitely deserve it!

Editing to ask if dutycyclegenerator may come back?

Duty Cycle Generator, the website, as it existed: no, although I have ported that and nes-audio.com to here for the time being:



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At the request of INFU on here I've uploaded the entire source code for my PR8 NES Drum Machine to GitHub:


You're free to do whatever you like with it but please be aware I won't support basic help requests i.e. you need to know how to code (in depth) and you need to know how to code for the NES (in depth) and NES audio.

If you feel slightly grateful for 25000 lines of code and about 6 months of my life invested into it, buy me a PayPal coffee/pint: [email protected]

I'm going to tidy up some of the other projects too. I guess Pulsar would be the obvious one but I'll do them all eventually. If you've a burning desire for me to prioritise one drop me a line.

I'm not back here for good, far too much other stuff going on at the moment but I thought I'd at least say hello. Hope you're all reasonably sane and well in these challenging times. Stay safe y'all.

Peace and love.


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The NES, and any other system that is internally synchronised via the screen refresh rate, don't really have tempo in BPM.

The granularity of the clock is either 60Hz (NTSC) or 50Hz (PAL) that means that all step lengths are a multiple of this value. As an example, a Speed of 16 (0F hex) frames/ticks/whatever on an NTSC system is 16 * 1/60th of a second = 0.266666667 seconds. In one minute that's 225 beat/ticks which I guess could equate to 225 BPM if you place a note on every step with no gaps.


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In fact, I already had done one. Not sure why it didn't get released. I think I was having problems getting emulators to detect that it was a PAL ROM, my memory is a little vague on it.

Anyway, you can grab it here. There are two versions in the .ZIP file but I don't know why that is either! big_smile

Give it a try.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/q88ij1515l7zr … L.zip?dl=0


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Sorry about the lack of response, I'm a busy boy these days!

Yes, it's because there's no provision for a PAL pitch table but it shouldn't be too much work to get a PAL version out.



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Thanks to DSC's efforts I've just received a big boost to my charity page. Thanks to all who bought a cart and thanks to Chris for doing all the hard work!

I wish I had more time to spend on NES stuff but I'm super busy these days with other stuff (Marmot Audio, for those that don't know: http://marmotaudio.co.uk )

Just been checking out the build pictures. That's god-damned insane, in all the right ways smile



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I'm walking away from this for the time being. Someone give me a nudge when it settles down a bit (and if you still need my involvement).


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I think it's not easy to compare PR8 with what is being proposed here. On the one hand, PR8 offers an in-the-box solution which requires a huge amount of coding for the editor, screen handling, controls etc. which would not necessarily be needed by something that is MIDI-fying the NES. On the other hand, there are a lot of areas that it takes us into which I have a lot less experience: protocol handling, MIDI buffering/message packet construction/decoding etc.

I think it's a cool idea as long as there are clear goals and a a design. Without that it's a non-starter for me as I can't really get drawn into a ad hoc development - I just don't have the time that I had when I was making all of my other software. Sad but true.


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Interesting thread! smile

The problem with any of these ventures, and from an observer's point-of-view, why so many (NES ones) seem to have failed is that the time and money required to do a proper job renders in not viable when you consider how many hardware units you're likely to shift.

I guess a Kickstarter-style campaign might be the way forward to get a proper gauge of how many people would be committed to buying but I have no experience with Kickstarter and would be slightly concerned that, given I have barely time to breathe at the moment, that I'd end up committing to something that would put pressure on me and would end up being a time drain.

Don't stop thinking though at this point. It's an interesting idea and with people like Chris (MCTRL etc.) possibly interested, I know he can deliver on his hardware ideas.


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Thanks for your support as always DSC smile

V1.0 of droNES is now available from my website.

It's been a tough decision for me to decide to charge for this one but my time is precious these days and I don't believe it's much to ask for the effort that goes into my softwares. And of course, paying something back encourages and facilitates further development and projects. I'll still continue to update and support all of the other software over at NES Audio (http://nes-audio.com).

And for those of you that don't know, at the start of this year I launched an audio services business, Marmot Audio (which is where my 'shop' is located). I've just setup an account with Cotton Cart (UK based but they shop worldwide) for merchandise and other stuff. I'll be adding more designs and other bits and bobs over time.





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herr_prof wrote:

At least im using a vintage serial communication protocol to bottleneck the cpu.

Ha ha big_smile