Man I totally would but I don't have money to spend right now!
Sooner or later I'll probably get one for $20.

Yeah I also used one in a DMG. My gut tells me the NES is different though. I'll install everything and cut the trace after and post results. wink

I might just add a switch between the two then sooner or later. Thanks!


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So TWO other NWC carts got listed after that one? People are cashing in I guess... hmm

So here's the kit: … h-control/

I'm assuming it would work but I'm not sure which trace to cut.

On this French site they used a LTC1799 so I'm assuming I should follow this.

But there's also this site...

So would I be able to install the kit? If so which trace should I cut?

Oh boy. This sounds awesome.

Too bad I can't go.  Maybe.


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I heard that if you used a good switch it wouldn't crash as easily?? Either way I'm probably just going to shove a getlofi kit into it. Thanks for the info.


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So I would be able to deal with a switch but it would be much cooler to have a pot. Would you be able to add this in addition to the switch?


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I was about to make a thread asking this! Sweet!


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I'm looking to just shove a bunch of different audio jacks onto the NES. (1/4, 1/8, RCAs) and just need to see where the outputs are on the board. Also if you guys know of any cool mods for the NES tell me!


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I live relatively close to there but I doubt I'd be able to make it. Anyway this is cool! There's a lot of people around here.

Yeah. I was going insane from it.

No need for that. I moved over my working songs to my last backup so everything's fine.

So here's what happened:
>Batteries in Game Boy died with 64m EMS inserted
>Replaced batteries
>Fixed Key Delay/Repeat and reloaded the song I was messing with.
>The songs worked fine but I noticed some of the letters in the titles of other songs were messed up.
>Tried opening a song with a messed up title. The first one I tried worked but the second one triggered the "Don't Panic!" screen we all know and love.
>When I turned my Game Boy back on I was terrified as it was checking the sram as if it were booting for the first time.
>All the songs that were working were still on there but the songs with messed up titles still did the same thing and cause the sram to be checked on boot.
>I figured I better back up my sav now before I lose everything.
>I noticed that on GB USB both pages were filled top to bottom with "lsdj 4.whatever version"
>Backed up both pages to be safe.
>Both savs were COMPLETELY cleared out and all of my songs were gone.
>Put the cart back in my Game Boy to see if they were gone forever. Luckily everything was still there so I backed up one more time.
>The sav worked! But now some of my songs are corrupted and can't be accessed.

So I guess the questions are: Is it possible to fix the corrupted songs? Can I move songs from my corrupted save to an older save using LSDJManager?


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Whoops. (Didn't mean to post here.)