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I just got a DMG without sound for $10 from ebay. wink
Get one (I think he's got 2 more) and replace the front PCB. I noticed that sweet design around the screen cover. You have to keep this alive!


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Kedaj wrote:

How long have you had it? I currently have five, at the moment.

Probably about a year. I paid $25 for it. The R button (and now the L) only work if you blow into them and the D pad only responds if you press really hard. I got it like that though. I'm not a console abuser!


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I've been looking to buy a new micro to replace my scratched up one that barely works. I need to sell some stuff. hmm


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Timbob wrote:

I like the blue and red button. That's a nice touch smile

Kind of looks a bit out of place to me, amidst all of the blue pieces.
I guess its a matter of opinion though.

I thought it looked too plain with all blue and it wouldn't go well with the green backlight imo but I guess red and blue doesn't go well with it anyway (and that's the beauty of it. ;P)


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Just finished this today.

The only problem is the holes on the top but whatever. It kinda looks cool if you ask me. tongue

Yes! That worked!

If it's a short then I know exactly what it is. My positive current is touching my negative slightly... I split them apart and it worked but I probably need to touch it up again. Thanks you guys and I'll tell you if it works.

Literally about five minutes ago I put my game boy all together and when I was checking if everything worked I noticed the right channel is out. This isn't from the prosound jack (It's post pot) because the jack, which is still stock, is doing the same thing. Is it possible to fix this? The only solution I can think of are replacing the caps but I'm not sure what good that will do. Is my game boy done for? ; ~ ;

Every once in a while my cart crashes ( Usually from using a pitch bend kit ) and I do the same thing as you. Just load another song and it will be fine. ( And back up your stuff in case wink )


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The Silph Scope wrote:

If I had the funds I'd jump on it instantly, it looks wicked fun to play. sad
(reup'd the images for you)

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It is pretty sweet to play but, I don't use the top neck as much so I figured, for me, it is unnecessary. And also thanks. big_smile


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DipSwitch wrote:

Not sure what you were looking to trade for, but I have a bunch of old DMGs I modded just collecting dust; sure they have a messy look, but maybe you'd be interested? tongue

Maybe if the build I'm working on doesn't work out. wink


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I'll have to reactivate my facebook and use the pictures from that. -.-

Well I did have more but, this will have to do. If you can't see the other pictures there's a chip near the input jack.
Also i think it's important to note that you can only play one neck at a time.


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When I get back from school I'll try to fix it. hmm


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Yeah so I have a Carlo Robelli 6/7 string double neck.
It's surprisingly a pretty good guitar and cheap too. It has some wear here and there and some scratches on the back which is probably just from a belt buckle or something. Even with that stuff it doesn't look bad and it plays well. These are set necks. Comes with hardcase. Also this guitar is heavy.

Now before you think about buying I have to say that I don't have a box to ship this in so if you are interested I wont make you pay (via paypal) until I get a box.

I'm asking around $180 + shipping but, I'm flexible on the price so send me your offers!

If you have any questions feel free to ask! (Also I'll rip off these stickers if you'd like.)

Hard to see this go. ; ~ :

PS- Sorry if this is the wrong website to post this but, come on. YOU KNOW YOU'D WANNA ROCK THIS WITH SOME LSDJ ACTION.

Kind of mad how I just now saw this. XD
I'm looking forward to listening to some Christmas Tunes though!
Do I dare say... "Chip"mas?