Broke my old Windows 7 laptop and don't like dealing with my Windows 8 computer so a little $20 netbook seems like my only comfortable option for keeping my .savs. So is the installation the same on both 7 and 7 starter?

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AFAIK the speaker is not dependent on the jack PCB.

Well, it is - in a way. There's a switch in the headphone jack which turns the speaker on and off. But I think it should be always on if you cut all the wires.

Here is the gameboy scheme, the switch is in the bottom right corner (of the first picture).

If you make the new prosound jack pre pot then you can turn down the speaker with the volume pot like normal and still hear the jack. The bad thing is there will be no volume control when using headphones.

I've been listening to these for a while now:
Starfucker - Miracle Mile
Matt and Kim - Sidewalks
Daft Punk - Random Access Memories


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Both are grounded and both are separate. There's probably a small short otherwise I have no idea.


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I prosounded a GBC a while ago but the left out has static. It sounds as if it wasn't prosounded at all. The stereo works and all I hear is the left output so I haven't mixed the left and right like half of my DMGs and I didn't touch ground either. I'm starting to think it's just how Game Boy Colors are and that would be disappointing. What do you guys think?

I burnt the LEDs down a bit but it works now so I'm happy! This is the best I could get of it because it's so dim. hmm

P and V are my favorites.
Pitch Bend and Vibrate.

Okay... One last question.
When I turn the front light on (I don't leave it on for more than 5 seconds due to fear of it burning out.) without a resistor it gets bright like an SP then it slowly fades away to where you can barely see it. Would the resistor fix this? I should also add that the first time I tried it it was normal like what I'd expect.

It was the resistor. For now it's connected without a resistor so I'll have to get one here soon. It turned out good!

Wait. So I just installed it and it didn't come on with a 47k...
I just heard though from a youtube video (I'm sure you know which one) NOT to use a 47k and to just go with a 47. Is this true or is my front light broken? Also while trouble shooting I switched the wires on the backlight just in case they weren't connected properly. Would this fry it? I'd really appreciate the help!

Just tell me if anything sounds weird. In all of my songs I think the tempo is off at parts. I'm not sure if it's just me or the gameboy...

Thanks guys!

I'm looking to frontlight a Game Boy Color using a light from an ags-001.
Can I get by without using a resistor or should I get one? If so, which resistor should I get?

Those look good. I might buy one pretty soon. tongue

In the first thread everyone was acting pretty crazy but when you posted about your gameboy a second time no one was reacting negatively... But I do recall you bumping the thread... A LOT. Not being mean or anything here, but you really don't belong in this forum.

The installation is the same but in order to get it to fit you have to move the board from the bottom left.

I think that with Kitsch cases you can fit the 1/4 jack in the bottom right but in original cases there isn't room for it.