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Echos???  Make sure that any microphone device on your computer is turned off while you're recording, just in case.  Check for that in volume settings & audio settings.

I thought it was the built in microphone, but it turns off when something is in the jack. My computer is just shitty at recording I guess. And I turn down the gameboy and turn it up in audacity. I do this just to avoid static at really loud or congested areas.

Well it fixed the static problem and it's not getting lower in volume randomly, but the echo is still there... I don't even want to mess with removing echo so I'm done. Thanks so much, guys!

Thanks for your advice, guys. From what I've read it sound like my computer that's the problem. I'll mess around with the settings and see if I get anywhere with that.

I need to rerecord my songs so that they're crisp and actually LOUD. Audacity isn't working and energyXT was working, but is made for guitar so I'm stuck with a mono signal. My best experience so far was just with the regular windows sound recorder. I'm not sure if it's my computer or the sound recorder, but it sounds TERRIBLE.

Judge for yourself:

It's has an echo and fades in and out at some parts, not to mention the crunch at some parts.

So what do you think is the best for recording? What do you use?

Man these have a messy look...
These are great! Really awesome work all around.


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Sounds very interesting! Show us what you come up with??
(Also throw in some info about system modifications!)

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More like DaMaGer

Hue hue hue
That's what I was going for anyway. XD

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IPA does not dissolve plastic. The bets explanation I can come up for is that there was a crack halfway through the plastic. Then the IPA leaked into that crack and expanded as it evaporated, which together with the constant pressure made the crack go all the way through rapidly and create a shockwave.

I would very much like to say a proper sharp close-up. (Macro picture taken on a good camera.)

Yes. That's what I'm thinking.

http://www.head-fi.org/t/87779/isopropy … h-plastics

The second post here seems to have the answer:

"What you seem to be doing is leaching the plasticiser out of the plastic piece and what you see as film are residual solids. I would recommend a less aggressive cleaner.

Ever notice the foggy film you see on the inside of your car windows? That is plasticizer evaporating from the dash and other plastic pieces. When I lived in the desert this was so bad that the dash would harden and ultimately crack. The only way to slow this down was liberal applications of Armoral type products and towels to keep the sun away."

It definitely looks like film. And I looked up the percentage of the alcohol I used...


I usually use 60% - 75% alcohol so mine was very strong. There might be something in clear boys that make them crack more easily. The plastic definitely feels harder. I'm not sure if that's because it's glossy or not, but it does...

arfink wrote:

It is true that rubbing alcohol can cause crazing in plastics, but so can ordinary tap water, if you leave it soaking long enough. EDIT: looked closer at picture. This is a fracture. No solvent would do that.

The diagonal crack was mostly already there, so it was fractured before hand, but it branched off in other directions. Only the inside of the layer of plastic is like that though... It's kind of like a bubble...

I'm just going to say
pressure + Alcohol = Crack

Jazzmarazz wrote:

I mostly suspect your back light created extra pressure at that point and when you closed it up, the crack may have appeared slowly.

It may have been the case, but it appeared minutes after cleaning it. That may have just been enough to crack it. I'm going to experiment with this odd occurrence to see whether it was pressure, or sensitive plastic. Thank you for your input!

I should have started 5 years ago.

Awesome stuff.


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I have a bootleg Pokemon Green. It's just in a normal black cart. I tried stuffing a EMS cart inside with no luck so there's a hole in it. But, nevertheless, it's interesting.

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I use rubbing alcohol to clean off sticker residue and that has never happened to me. Did you try cleaning your DMG with a hammer???

No. XD
It may have been the strength of the alcohol I was using. That and, as I said, it may have just been from getting inside of a crack. That's probably the case since the LCDs in people's game boys are fine. Cleaning the LCD with rubbing alcohol is always recommended.

That looks like a plastic defect to me if anything. I use Isopropyl for cleaning of actual electronics (solder points / contacts .etc)
When it comes to sticky residue, use Eucalyptus oil. It works a charm! It's by far the best thing i've found for removing stickers!

I was researching it. It looks like some plastics are more immune than others. There was already a small crack there so it must of got in... I don't know. I'm never chancing the stuff on Game Boys again. And thanks for the tip too. That will be Plan A for now on!

So I finished backlighting a DMG today:

(It's the one in the middle)

There was some sticker residue left on it, however, and I decided to clean it off. NEVER have I once had this occur...

Always use the right cleaning equipment! This just might happen to you!