Can't wait to listen to this!


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It will be a start. tongue


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Use the money you'd use on a DS flash cart for a DMG!!


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This is my kind of thread!

Here's what I use for music at the moment.

CinderBoy (Based on Cyndiquil)

Specialty: RCAs, Mono

Clear ChipBoy

Specialty: On/Off Backlight, Stereo, Pretty much just for composition.

ShockBoy (Originally based on Pikachu)

Specialty: Pitch Bend, Mono

All of these have prosound through the stock jack. I'm making one soon that will have a RGB Backlight and a pitch bend mod. wink

It looks like he deleted the videos off of his YouTube account.
Slowly making progress but also destroying proof. I'm taking a screen shot.

It usually messes up the song I'm working on but, I can just load a different song then load it again and it will be there. The first time, however, it corrupted all of my stuff. No matter what it always messes with Delay/Repeat.

This sometimes occurs when I mess with my pitch mod. That's just the switch's fault but just be weary. Maybe use an adapter. tongue


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M83 - Midnight City

It's more of a remix but, I think it's worthy to be included.

I'm gonna try this. tongue
Be on the look out for my track.

UnderCoverDisOrder wrote:

good tunes man


Dire Hit wrote:

I think you should read the thread on not having vague titles. … uctive-cc/

Good point. This is the second time I've done this...
From now on. I promise!

... … nt-enough/

Victory Road wrote:

but the typesetting on the cover hurts me in ways i can't properly describe

I think it looks good the way it is really.

I thought this was pretty neato.


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I can now record smoothly and in stereo so I've been posting a bunch of music in the last 48 hours but, I think these are the songs that define what
kind of artist I truly am.

"Four Channels Isn't Enough"

Soundcloud: … snt-enough

If you could check out my other songs that would be greatly appreciated! It's all on SoundCloud!


TylerBarnes wrote:

yeah, try to evolve away from using a microphone. Direct sound from the jack is what you need to eventually be doing.

No, I am using the jack. That's just how terrible it is!

TylerBarnes wrote:

Don't turn down the volume knob on the gameboy itself. That volume should always be maxed out cause of the noise floor issues I mentioned previously. You should however be able to adjust system input volume in like a device or control panel somewhere.

Yeah, my microphone makes it sound all static like in loud areas so turning the Game Boy down fixes that. I just need some legit equipment so none of this would be an issue.