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I just improvise notes in a scale until I find a tune I like. I usually play everything on guitar first because it's easiest for me to improv with.

+1 for Kunaki. They do a great job and they're extremely cheap.

It seems like a nice gesture and I 100% Dire Hit isn't right, although it seems like he will be.


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BUMP because people in Brazil don't know what the fuck they are and only care about minibrute and those kind of crap.

What's wrong with the Minibrute?


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If you want something similar to Vocaloid check out UTAU. It's free and very similar to Vocaloid. I've never been a huge fan of it myself but it definitely has an advantage over Vocaloid in that anyone can make voice banks for it.

Maybe he just wanted to show us all Tumblr?



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I got a guitar when I was about 7, but didn't start playing it until I was around 10. Got a keyboard around 14 and learned some basic stuff on it.
I know basic music theory, chords and scales and how they work and such, which I learned 99% online, and it was the same way with audio synthesis and production stuff. Knowing scales and knowing keys really helps with improvising things, too.
A lot of people will disagree with me but I really recommend learning at least a little theory, it really helps. Besides that just practice whatever instrument you want to get better at and eventually you will get better at it.


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+1 for Uniracers, I remember playing that for hours with my brother when I was younger. Not sure how well it holds up but I had a blast when I was a kid. I also remember Phantom 2040 being a really fun platformer/shooter with cool boss designs, but again, it's been a while.
Emit, while I haven't played it, looks good, too. It was a visual novel designed to teach Japanese kids English and so it was released fully translated in both languages. If I remember correctly, it also came with a CD and a thing you put in the second controller port that controlled your CD player allowing for full voice acting. I suppose if you're playing it on a PS2 you couldn't do that, but nonetheless if you like visual novels I think it might be worth checking out.
These are all on SNES by the way-


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I'm a lo-fi rock musician from Canada that plays (heavily reverberated) guitar. I'm in if you'll let me. smile


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I would really like to release a full-length album this year, and finish the great number of shows and games I'm only half finished.


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New setup!
I just got the organ home today and some new pedals, plus a cowbell and an accordion.


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Some nice monitor headphone, a new reverb pedal, a Hello Kitty plush and a cowbell were the highlights. I made out like a damn bandit this year.

I've heard good things about Blue Arp, but I haven't really tried it out myself so I can't say for sure. It's free though, so it might be worth a shot.
As for chippy VSTs, Magical 8Bit Plugin is probably the best, but there's a whole bunch worth checking out here: http://woolyss.com/chipmusic-plugins.php

I've counted 7 songs I did this year that I was actually happy enough to release and weren't crappy joke songs
I've really only started being super serious about making music this year, but back about two years when I was still set on being an EDM producer (Oh God) I was popping out a track or two a week.


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