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It's cute! I had fun pressing the button for a bass solo.


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unexpectedbowtie wrote:

I have like five tracks written on HT years ago that I've been sitting on, convinced that I'll one day have enough to put together an album. Maybe the virus will kill us all off before I get round to it.

do an EP!

FYI, the link points to this forum and not to bandcamp.

Hey MazHoot,

I created a fork of ab-midiout-lite which uses a 2d array for midiCcNumbers, so distinct values can be used per each channel.
You can check it out here: … PerChannel

I haven't tested it beyond compiling in the Arduino IDE, but it ought to do what you are asking.

Haven't used Nonfinite backlights so don't know if they have a resistor built in. Maybe email them to ask?

I can't think of anything that would connect the issues you report with LSDJ to the replacement power regulator. Maybe a coincidence? Others might know better than me.

It does seem possible that backlight LEDs would be able to draw more current from the new source and thus run a little hotter. A higher value current limiting resistor could be an option.

I happen to have the RetroSix board on order at the moment, so I'll endeavour to report back when it arrives.


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nitro2k01 wrote:

R1, R2 are wrong value (about 10x too high value). R5 is also wrong value (about 10x too low value). I can't see R7 so can't confirm the value of it.

nitro2k01 is correct.

Peter Dodge wrote:

The R2 is the correct value,

R2 in the schematic = 1K.
R2 on your board has resistor code brown, black, orange = 10 x 10^3 = 10 * 1000 = 10K

Peter Dodge wrote:

as for R1, it is a 15K, since I don’t have a 12K

R1 on your board has resistor code brown, green, yellow = 15 x 10^4 = 15 * 10000 = 150K

Peter Dodge wrote:

R5 is an 82k with a 100K soldered on top to make ~182K

By soldering the resistors on top of each other, you have joined them in parallel. The values do not sum together (as is the case with series resistors). These 2 resistors in parallel have an equivalent resistance of ~45K.

Peter Dodge wrote:

R3 is 4 100Ks with a 62K or something like that with some heat shrink tubing on it.

Same issue as R5 above - parallel resistors do not sum together. 4 * 100K + 62K in parallel would give ~17.8K.

Jamatar wrote:

I'm going to try and design an Arduino based front end for GenMDM.

heart heart heart

Yeah, I noticed the schematic I linked seemed to have fewer components than the one in your post, makes sense that they are different revisions.

There's another schematic here: Pretty sure the mystery part is a flyback transformer.


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PM'd. Sell me your mono pls.

GoingHam wrote:

anyone have any comparisons normal vs bass amp'd?

Your pal Aquellex has the most up to the minute data: … comparison

DSnB wrote:

do you guys regret the kit you threw away?



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It sounds like what you really want to learn is some music theory. Thankfully your pal Tuberz McGee has a series of tutorials over at the chipwin blog. They may even include tracker specific content! Here is a link to the first one: … -intervals