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FWIW I am now using the RS-97 which can be easily found for $50 and the OpenDingux build you can install on it comes with LittleGPTracker.


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I just got one of these, I did the "external boot" method and everything works perfectly! LGPT on it is incredible, I've been making a few sample sets to play with.

OpenDingux has built-in support for overclocking. If you're going to run SNES emulator, I recommend bumping it up to 600 mHz. It runs 60 fps very nearly consistently. Certainly the best SNES emulation I've seen on any of these sort of handhelds.

I'm probably gonna order a second as a backup :¬)



Got it running on my GPD Pocket which is perfect. Brings me back to my Libretto days.

The built in OPL3 emulator sounds great!

Instruments can be shared from v1 to v2 but not via the Instrument Library. You have to export the instrument as a file and import.

The fact that it comes with a library for reading RAD files is awesome, as is the very detailed spec!

Keyboard shortcuts are very intuitive and I came up to speed very quickly which was awesome.


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This is fantastic @yoyz2k! I'll give it a try as soon as I can!


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I downloaded the toolchain here http://www.gcw-zero.com/files/opendingu … 20.tar.bz2 (linked from http://www.gcw-zero.com/develop) and I wrote down the instructions I used on my PR https://github.com/rjungemann/LittleGPTracker/pull/1.

You can clone my repo and switch to my branch like:

git clone [email protected]:rjungemann/LittleGPTracker.git
cd LittleGPTracker
git checkout -b gcw-zero-attempt origin/gcw-zero-attempt

Thanks for the help! I'll do a little more investigation tonight.


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I got a few more of the .o files to build, but now I'm running into another issue.


/home/rjungemann/Projects/LittleGPTracker/projects/base_rules:33: recipe for target 'SamplePool.o' failed
make[1]: *** [SamplePool.o] Error 1
Makefile:456: recipe for target 'buildGCWZERO' failed
make: *** [buildGCWZERO] Error 2

I made sure that the directory SamplePool.{cpp,h} are in is referenced in the Makefile, but adding SamplePool.o to the GCWZERO_FILES does not fix the issue.


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Yeah, I installed the tool chain, added to my $PATH, and some of the intermediate .o files build. I confirmed that it is using the GCC provided by the toolchain.


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Urgh, this is as far as I can get for now. I posted instructions and how far I got in the description on this PR. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love some input. https://github.com/rjungemann/LittleGPTracker/pull/1


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I'd love to hear more about this too. It runs Opendingux, so I assume it should work, but I can't find anything online to confirm.

Update: I checked the #mcw IRC room, and mth said it would have to be rebuilt but it shouldn't be too difficult.

To run the Arduinoboy editor you can use the free "Max Runtime" which you can download from http://cycling74.com/downloads/runtime/.

If, for some reason, you need to actually modify the Arduinoboy editor, you'll need the full version of Max. However, Max/MSP has a completely functional 30-day trial so you could do what you need to in those 30 days.