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Victory Road wrote:
basspuddle wrote:

random side note: XLR equipment sometimes isn't in stereo, so you may want to run stereo 1/4" cables.

even if you have a stereo 1/4" cable it's (almost certainly) going to be plugged into a mono input. bring two! tongue

Yes especially since they may not even tell you that your jacked in mono.


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Right, like using a volca sample for example  analog out as source with a modified link cable.
I DID get my hands on a newer version of lsdj and was able to sync it with nanoloop 2.8 and a nanoloop mono at the same time with a regular  4 way link cable using lsdj analog out....just now; my friend happen to leave his gameboy at my house lol


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The easiest way nowadays is to use an analog source and slave both lsdj and nanoloop to it. I have read some lsdj versions having "lsdj analog out" but Ive never messed with, but that would be great if nanoloop could sync to it without an adapter or modding a link cable. I doubt it though.


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catskull wrote:

IDK how shitpost.NSF exists and someone thinks chiptune is dead

exactly, i wasn't sayin it was dead. I got a lil emotional there haha, and I am admitting it's me with the problem. If I don't like the way things are, then make a way.


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People need to be more active on an actual forum. Not facebook or some shitty blog that's DICTATED by a few individuals. I admit I tried to go with, and then against thercurrent, and eventually drowned myself. I gave up on the scene. Stopped sharing my music and especially myself on any website. i'm just one dude, but I know that Im not the only one (out of thousands) that reacted this way to the shift of social media. This also does not help; If you were around before 2015 you know what Im rambling about.


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I figured it out!  If you want Furious Advance Tracker to save with the micro sd ( i might be doing an extra step), First upload the gba rom this way-->open up the software used for patching the gba games. http://www.minihere.com/supercard-mini- … nload.html        Turn off all enabling in the options= auto save, quick reset etc etc. Then "add" the fat tracker gba file, and press "out" as usual.

Go to your sd card and erase the fat tracker  .sci and the .gba file leaving only the .sav file.Now drag and drop the original (not patched) fat tracker .gba file onto the mini sd card like you would a regular gb,gbc,or nes file...To save you'll do a regular save in fat trackers menu= name your track "something kewl". After that works reset your gba by turning it off and on.........;), and then go to "saver" on the carts main menu and find fat tracker. It will ask "Do you save to SD?" hit  A button for yes, and fat tracker is now saved. You will have to reset your gba and save on the main menu everytime, but it works.

lsdj= You have to use the goomba version. The highest is version 3 ( i think)  It was in the giant list of all the lsdj versions you can download for 5 bucks. It auto saves, and to have multiples saves you'll copy paste and rename multiple roms


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kineticturtle + 1


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bitjacker wrote:

You need a working MINI sd card Those adapters for mini to micro dont work. this same thing happened to me when i got an ez flash 4. my problems ended when i got a mini sd card. Make sure to get an adapter for usb to mini. Throw the existing adapter thats in the cart in the trash.

  DANGIT!! I've been waiting week. A 2gb micro sd card should be in the mail tomorrow. I'll test it out of course, but thanks for the heads up bitjacker!  At least when it doesn't work I won't punch my leg AS hard.


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so your saying  pressing L+R+A+Select, to backup your saves not work? and if it does save, but doesn't load, did you make sure the sav file and gb. file have the same name?
saying because I have one coming in the mail, and this is making me sad.


ScanianWolf wrote:

I personally think I'm gonna go for a separate 1/8" output jack and drill a hole in the case because I'm gonna order parts (backlit screen, shell etc.) so that I can do it all at once.

warning, There's not much room for more components. I had to break the inside of the case to get the rcas to fit on top. Also had to shorten and bend the prongs a little.

bitwise wrote:
shitbird wrote:

The gba rca mod is worth doing.

Interesting. Is it any different from just soldering a jack between pre-amp in and ground?
oh yeah, i've also found a pinout of gba amplifier

Thats exactly what it's doing. It's not completely flawless, but it helps.

The gba rca mod is worth doing. The contrast is equivalent to what a external mod does for regular gameboy imo. However, I've only done it on an agb 001. Im not sure how different the boards are.

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