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also if monotribe has cv output you can slave both nlmono and nl2 (check manuals for analog sync modes). Tribe to analog adapter to split link cable to the boys.This way if monotribe has a swing mode it can be applied to nanoloop as well hhhnnnng


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oliver wrote:
djmaximum wrote:

Looks like its too late to get one, wondering if there is going to be a restock in the next month.


Please don't stop selling. My priorities are coming round the mountain.

https://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/8529 … od/page/2/     worth scrolling through

frank angotti is dead wrote:
donotrunwithpixels wrote:

Love the music on the YouTube Video.

Not so much love for naming a release after an event that invaded the privacy of (mostly) women and perpetuated a situation where many women just don't feel safe online.

Jus' sayin...

oh shit we are SOO sorry we had no idea of this event, we changed the name of the song...sorry everyone!

   we changed it (only) out of sympathy for the people that were victimized , and their close ones.

Jazzmarazz wrote:

Anyone remember the VJ?

Hey, I remember this. There was two vjs'


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heart !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#!


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I concur. all of this is hawt


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Yip yip!

Macon wrote:


i have a fully functional Game Boy Classic (DMG-01, 1989) plus (what seems to me) a nanoloop 1.0 cartridge.
I guess it's 1.0 as there's no version number whatsoever showing up on the startscreen ....

Anyone interested?
Shipping from Austria (Central Europe) smile


frank angotti is dead wrote:

Shitbird is dead, this is the new era of the man we all love - http://soundcloud.com/user-758179008

   yoooooooooO heart    Im busy taking care of my crazy old dad atm. HOWEVER! The living situation is making saving money for the trip much easier. One day sooner then later this will happen, however things keep coming up that I can't leave be....In the meantime I'll have a release out very very soon. All the tracks are recorded just need to get sloppy and yell over em. Which is going down tonight big_smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Highly appreciate the bumps guys. shitbird out.


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HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!  your internet embodiment deserves ALL respect. *tips hat*


Good to hear from you, man!!!

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why not just stop the sub-genres sub genre and call it all electronic music, slapping labels is boring

Sooo chipthrash ^   To be chipthrash, you must deny that your chipthrash. Face it. Your chipthrash. We're all chipthrash. Look at your dirty hands.