Hi there! My name is Jamalex, (J for short) and I just love Chipmusic. I don't make it, but I love to listen to it and have a strong appreciation for the genre. Glad to be here smile


uhh hi!! i'm melvin, im 16, and i've been using lsdj and writing music in flstudio for nearly 2 years now! i just signed up, but i've been lurking for a long time... i've got an album dropping in june, but my stuff from last year is still okay too, i think!! please listen kindly heart


Hello all! My name is SailodeGrenn, and I've been a musician since 2006. I'm 22 years old and have been through a lot. I make electronic music in a variety of styles ranging from Light Trance to Darkcore/Industrial stuff. I have been mostly working on chipmusic for the past two to three years, and have come a very long way since my first chiptune sorta thing; Desert Sands.

I've released numerous chipmusic albums, amongst other albums. The first one is called Lost Tomb of Magonza and is my first foray into the realm of retro music. My second album is called Dungeon Explorer; the artwork for which was made by my friend's then-girlfriend, Sage Todd. I made a third album after a breakup, called City of Forgotten Time. It's art was also made by Sage Todd. CoFT is dedicated to Jake Roper of Vsauce in honor of him winning his fight against cancer. He hasn't really acknowledged this, but he did give me permission to use the Vsauce logo in the cover art. Yay.

After that, I took a brief hiatus to work on other stuff. Once that was done, I smashed back into the scene with my most ambitious album yet; Legend of Hirimono. It took me months to make, and much bashing my head on the wall dealing with the program I use to create music (more on that later). I made the artwork myself with photoshop elements 11. It's intended as an Asian themed album though some say it's more eastern/Egyptian sounding. In truth, LoH is a mix of a bunch of stuff.

After that was done I took another break to work on other stuff. Once over, I returned with the announcement of three new albums and four singles planned for 2017. One project, Oceans of Dreams and Darkness, is almost done. Another one, The Power of Tojhiro Forest, is half done. I don't remember currently what the status is on The Mystery of the Torvus Bog. The singles are done for the most part: House of Horrors, Maschine Ist Alive, and the Liquid Horizons Theme (MrFixit Theme). I'll probably release PKMN RBY (Learn'd Intro) as a single as well. Speaking of singles, I have a free single that expands on the theme song from popular YouTuber JonTron. It's around 8 minutes or so if I remember correctly. He unfortunately has not acknowledged it's existence. The single is called Five Years Of JonTron or something like that (mind is a bit fuzzy).

Anyway, I've done a crazy amount of stuff over the years and I have no intention of stopping. I'm a motorcyclist, photographer, gamer, musician, YouTuber, repairman, modder, audio engineer, home theater expert, casual scientist, collector, archiver, computer expert, reviewer, and a bunch more things then I could list here off the top of my head. I treat everyone with respect unless they really set  me off, but it takes a lot to get me that far.

My name is PJ O'Riley and you can call me SailodeGrenn. I look forward to being part of this community and giving humanity some actual music instead of the useless garbage you hear all over the radio and tv.

Never give up; never surrender. Never stop learning, never stop loving what you do.

Thank you for your time and Live Long And Prosper.

Link to google play page (there's freebies too!) : … bq5g4rlfke


Hi. JCH of Vibrants. Used to be a C64 composer in the 80's and 90's.

Check out my 5-part computer chronicles here: … es-part-1/

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I'm Acetantina, and I'm pretty new to chiptune music, for a while now, I've been making VGM covers, but I've been starting to make more original stuff. I use FL Studio and various different VSTs that simulate the 2A03 chip (or if you're like me, and you come from Europe, the 2A07). I'm currently working on an album full of different chiptune songs, so if you're interested, stay tuned for that. … n-PN81p3XQ


Greetings and Salutations!  Hybrid Divide here,

Been into chiptune music for a long time, but extremely new to the concept of creating my own.  I don't have any real experience in music at all, just have ideas in my head I want to try to output.  To be sure, I'll be doing a lot of fumbling in the dark in Nanoloop and LSDJ, but that's what experimentation, tutorial threads, and the search box are for, right?

I might have begun creating my own chiptunes ages ago, if I'd had enough money on me the one time I saw a Nanoloop 1.1 cart for sale in a Seattle pawnshop.  *sigh* 

Anyway, I'm happy to be here!

United States

hi i make music


Hi, I'm a 18-year-old fellow from Finland. I've been into music for almost ten years. I began composing chiptune in 2012 and I've used only Famitracker since then. I use the name Eduard, because it's an anagram of Darude, a Finnish DJ I admire. My newest compositions can be found here: … 6Exw63w2-w



My name is John.  I have been composing for quite a while now, mostly using soft synths, but as games and game music were probably my primary influence as a musician, I have decided to start diving into the world of chip tunes.  I live in Yokohama Japan and write music every day!  Its a pleasure to meet you all.


Heya, I'm Cecil and I've been producing music for about 7 years. Recently I've been really into retro stuff. Chiptune is really fun both to listen to and create. I've only just begun experimenting but hopefully I can meet some friends to share knowledge with c:

USA, Utah

Hey! Solar here, in the same boat as Cecil. but having to tackle a lot more nonsense than I thought! ... ... mostly that C700 I wish to get a good grasp of, but definitely well mannered in the YM2612. man I love that chip! can't wait to share my nonsense and keep on learning!!

Crime City, Sweden

Hi, I'm Starfighter. My main genre of music is d-beat hardcore punk but I've been into chiptunes on and off for the last 15 years as well. Since I've failed miserably trying to make music in Famitracker and LSDJ I've come to the conclusion that I don't create chiptunes, I just listen to them. smile

My favorite video game character is Firebrand, I'm extremely scared of crane flies and my french bulldog's name is Dolores.


Hey, I am Jasper Synth. I've been interested in doing chip for a while now, and finally decided to dive in. I have always been a fan of chip music since I played Pokemon Silver growing up.

Nantes, FR

Hey! My name is Jérémie aka "Fantôme à Rayures", from Nantes, FR. I'm a guitar player who started to make chiptune with LSDj.
I used to read to find some tricks, but as I finished some tracks, I decided to register. smile


Hello everyone!

Sea of Souls

Hello all, I am Orgia Mode.
I may make some trash sounds in the future, but currently I am working on some programming that may benefit the community.