Wow I actually didn't notice, but now that you pointed it out I'm gonna start a 2x LSDJ track. Maybe based around some of the launch titles' music?

Here's a nice updated tutorial for the new version of LSDJ!


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guess I should learn deflemask!


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I don't post that often.

chipbreakcore time it is!

You oughta post this in the collaboration section, I'm sure a bunch of people would be interested. I've never touched milky tracker so I'll sit this one out

Ayy this is more my style, man! I love tracks like this that really take advantage of the gameboys limited channels to make cool shit
Nice use of detune on the leads (like in Second Guesses and the bass in First Impressions), I gotta try that out.
Overall sick release! We've gotta work together sometime. You got a soundcloud for this alias or something?


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You've gotta buy a flash cartridge and then transfer the .gb file onto the cart (usually by USB). You could also just use an emulator on your PC/ Android/PSP/other console

Cherry Oxide wrote:

Hello! I'm Ricky. I've been fascinated by chiptunes for the past two years or so, but I just recently got a DMG and am making a personal commitment to write more (and hopefully better) chiptunes. I have some pseudo-FM-y simple stuff right here if you'd like to check it out:

I haven't focused terribly on using the whole gamut of sounds possible on the YM2612 or the Gameboy, but hey that's what a new year's resolution is for! I hope to make--and listen to--a lot more music than I have, and I hope to get acquainted with some of the people here who've inspired me to look at a gameboy as a musical instrument.

Yo! Welcome to CM.O. Followed you on Snoudclown

just slipped my submission in. Looking forward to the full compilation!


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good stuff, man!

I'm up for it


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AHH What a bummer. That datathrash sticker is gonna stay on my laptop forever guys, thanks for the sick releases and everything.True chip till death!

Really nice job for a first album! The vibe for Goodnight is the best, definitely. Really nice work for that one. My second favorite is Dance Party at Kea's House because I'm a sucker for dance music. Adrenaline is third because I'm also a sucker for amen breaks.
I'm no super expert of course but I'll try and give some feedback:
The writing is totally there but mixing is a bit sketchy for some songs. In the earlier tracks (particularly ones with drums) I feel one element is always too loud. For example, the bass square sort of instrument in Steve the Cat is a bit loud, and the cymbals are too.
In Melted Stick of Butter the overall volume varies a ton like there's a limiter on the master and when the guitars and drums come in it's getting compressed a ton. I'm pretty sure it's your drums, because Oppo feels just right throughout.
I feel that you'll be like me and listen to your own tracks a year later and be like "man, that was such a good idea I should do a remake of this song". So of course keep at it, work on your mixing so that it helps your songwriting shine, don't let ur dreamz be dreamz just do it blah blah blah yeah
Keep it up, man.
- Suds out smile

that's actually a good idea. I have an S6, never thought of doing that.

I had the same problem on Windows 8 64-bit, but I ended up just using another PC with Win7