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http://eerikinpujsound.com/p/m/EIS35_-_ … lbum_2018/

.IT included with download.
This is really great, don't sleep on it! smile


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Grab goattracker2.

People won't take you seriously unless you use the right trackers.

I'd first try out something like renoise or schism tracker or OpenMPT to get a feeling for the tracker workflow... or Klystrack or Deflemask even.
Look at the demo songs they come with, etc., and work on making the mental shift towards thinking of measures vertically instead of horizontally.

Once you get the general concepts of sequencing within a tracker down, you can look into "hardware specific tracker emulators" and "trackers that produce files able to be run on 'retro' hardware". It will go a long way into making these interfaces less daunting.

Let the record show that this was _freaking awesome_.

tempsoundsolutions wrote:

this zombified crusty netlabel that puts out one release a year tho

blah blah blah.


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I've always been a pcm data tracker, I'm just here because it's literally the only good forum related to tracker music period.

ForaBrokenEarth wrote:

I'd love to hear the stems for that tongue Can I ask what effects you were using, out of curiosity?

I mostly used my custom 4MS noise swash pedal. Here's a small example of what it did to the stems:
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/236 … iangle.wav
See how fat it makes the low-end of the triangle channel!

Also used on some takes was a shitty behringer vintage delay pedal after the noise swash.

For Zan-zan-zawa-veia - Mist Slug, I took the five mono channels from the .FTM and ran each of them through a pedal chain approximately five times each, tweaking all of the key parameters live while recording. The differences in each "take" allowed for each part to be doubled up and panned (hard-ish) left/right, resulting in a style of mid/side effect processing.


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JaffaCakeMexica wrote:

...In fact I was mobbed and insulted regularly by non-gay chipmusicians who were using gay stylings in their music and art as a form of cultural appropriation.

...And I think we're done here.


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Honestly, I'm only still reading this out of the faint hope that he posts a link to one of his tracks so that I can throw a trap beat on top of it and flip it on youtube.

Huge respect to Protodome/Chunter/FoD/jangler et. al. for having the patience of saints while trying to instill some knowledge into a brick wall.

4mat wrote:

I'd like native stereo sample support and an extra fx column in FastTracker 2.

having two fx columns for xm/it tracking would keep me busy for the next decade.


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best thread necrobump, with a request... does anyone still have a copy of this laying around?


it was amazing, but has been scrubbed from the internet due some patent infringement / IP lawsuits > 10 years ago.
i know it's a long shot, but somebody here might have it still and i'd love to give it a spin again.

This is really good. smile

https://cosmochoria.bandcamp.com/ is now free, if anyone wants to grab it!



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if i could afford to press this to a 10" vinyl, i would in a heartbeat.