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i wonder the same thing?

i need to change my email address since the one i am using for here will no longer be used

i replaced my old dmg screen and front pcb with this bennvenn creation:

https://bennvenn.myshopify.com/products … it-lcd-kit

it was out of stock but he hit me up with one.
its worth emailing to see if he had any.


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Hello I am having trouble with Altane working on my MacOS with High Sierra.

The program opens up but Altane does not recognize my EMS cartridge. I press detect cartridge and I get this message:

No cartridge inserted?

I then have to mess with the cartridge type and all that stuff but it seems to not dump the rom and save the Sram correctly.

Sounds like the battery inside the cart is on its last leg.

I had the same problem on my cart and lost all my music.

Change out the battery and you should be able to sav. And transfer it onto your computer.

so i am still having trouble with the powerpak not opening up Pulsar.

i have the 32k sav which i named pulsar.sav i have that inside the save folder of the powerpak.

i also have the newest mapper from the retrozone page. i followered all the instructions on the readme.txt

i am really confused. it opens up in a emulator on my computer.

Thank you for all the help!

I hope nes-audio.com gets back up too!

Thanks for the reply.
I downloaded the latest Mappers from the website and pulsar seems to load now but I seem to have a screwed up version thats all glitched out !
I must have downloaded a test rom from this site:
https://github.com/christopherpow/nes-t … pulsar.nes

it also seems that nes-audio.com site is down?

I was going to download another version of it but all I see is a blank screen.

does anyone out there have a stable version of it?

Hello i am having some trouble trying to load Pulsar on the Retrozone Powerpak.

i followed the instructions on the Readme.txt and when i try to open it on the NES.
i get this message saying that this emulator does not support this Rom and it needs 32k of space for a sav.

is there something i am missing?

any help would be great

yes i know, but it erases the sav file.

thanks! i will send a email to the proffesor.

i hope Bennvenn cones through with this cart! that would be a life saver for everyone!

i lost so many hours and time with these Ems carts batteries going bad on me. i guess its my fault for not backing it up on the computer but even the computer will not recognize the cart once the battery is bad.

is there ever gonna be a new batch of these Drag n Derps?

im been always searching for them but its like trying to spot a needle in a hay stack!

my 64m smart card decided to crap out on me again. making me lose my sav and currupt my lsdj rom.
im over these battery carts.

Please make another batch!!


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thanks for listening!

i enjoyed making the tunes!


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i just put up a free ep on my bandcamp called "Microchips & Bits".

All the music was composed on one Nintendo Gameboy DMG using LSDJ.

peep it out here:



Thanks for the reply. Yeah i figured i would just have to deal with the noise issue.

I will keep a look out for some newer CPU DMGs

Hello this thing is really bugging me out. I noticed that on certain DMGs with lsdj i get a high pitch whine sound coming from the wave channel when added to the other 3 channels.
When i put that same cartridge in another DMG the sound is not there.

Is this a Bug that could be fixed? Or is it just how certain gameboys CPUs are?

The reason why i am asking is because i want to sync both Gameboys together but the one marked "CPU-03" Is the one with the high pitched sound.

I have the updated version of LSDJ with that antspike fix that is supposed to kill that sound but that fix only works with certain CPU models.

I guess i will just have to accept that its just part of the Gameboy grime!

oliver wrote:

about noise filtering:

a very big capacitor (i'm using 1000 uF) on the 3V rail eliminates the hum and also the higher pitched hum/tone caused by the DMA interrupt almost completely.
there is still the very high pitched whine though. like the hum, it is constant and not affected by the volume setting, so it's not part of the pre-amp signal.

Where did you connect the 1000uf cap? Did you connect it to the AMP AGB?

I did notice there is some noise after this mod i did.

Any help would be awesome!