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Haha, sorry!

That track is pretty much: "quit complaining about your problems; the robots are coming for us soon," if that helps you feel better smile

SketchMan3 wrote:

"Starbucks doesn't have wifi" triggered me, but cool sounds! Good luck



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Congrats on the release. Good stuff!


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Here's a preview of the Mega Ran track:

https://www.facebook.com/boymeetsbot/vi … 321579012/


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I think the biggest advantage of using BGB is being able to quickly export each channel separately for mixing without added noise. Also more reliable.


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I'm releasing an album of LSDJ/guitar/vocals chiptune rock this fall as Boy Meets Robot and running a Kickstarter to raise funds for mixing/mastering/production:

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bo … rock-album

The album is being engineered by Noam Wallenberg (co-producer of I Fight Dragons' last album) and features a guest appearance by Mega Ran.

I'd love for you to check it out and consider backing!

I've been using a PreSonus Firebox for a long time and still love it. If you want something newer and with more connections, I'd consider the Studio 192.


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Emporium Arcade Bar in Chicago has lots of VGM and the occasional chip show. I've also seen chiptune at Quenchers Saloon, though it's a lot smaller. IFD has played Martyr's a few times, but I suspect they're harder to get booked at.


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Okay, I found it! They were going to Users>Me>Library>Application Support>com.yourcompany.yourapp(bunch of random numbers)>drive_c.

Thanks for the help!


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Anyone know how to use the wav writer function in BGB running through wine on a mac? I can turn it on in the options menu, but I don't see any wav files created in the BGB folder like when I've tried it on a windows machine.

Right now, I'm using Soundflower to record with Logic but would prefer to be able to record straight from BGB.

Vince Kaichan's Power Tricks includes LSDJ.sav

I believe both of Zef's solo albums include the .sav

Chipocrite's Wordplay has a puzzle in the liner notes that will lead you to a website to download the .sav and some other bonus stuff.

Tobokegao's most recent album includes the .sav


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PleaseLoseBattle wrote:

Searching through thousands of sounds inside infinite libraries isn't for me.

Agreed. If I try making electronic music in a DAW, I just end up spending hours swapping presets and fiddling with virtual knobs and don't actually write anything.

I think I like chiptune mainly because all the NES I played as a kid wired my brain to give me a hit of dopamine every time I hear a pulse wave.

Go watch everything here:

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh0RVp … xkeejoKvTg

And when you're ready for something more advanced, go here:

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC86-k … AM2SWfEVTg

I like this one:

SketchMan3 wrote:

Niiice stuff, man. Thought I was listening to a famitracker jawn for a minute. Looking forward to final version!

Thanks! smile Got the echo idea from this Ap0c track: https://soundcloud.com/ap0c/4-unterbrec … core-vol-i.

Here's the rest of the Game Boy track: https://soundcloud.com/boymeetsrobot/in … nicorn-wip.

I'm recording vocals and guitar this summer, and the album should be out in the fall.

IceWolf wrote:

Man that was a kickass song!


I've been working on doing single channel echo with noise instruments. Here's an example: