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Hey folks, it's been a while since Parallel Processing with Danimal Cannon, but I'm back with a new EP! Would love if you'd go check it out


Edzgou wrote:

only sinus, squar, saw, puls -waves (no modulation)

I must admit I'm looking forward to hearing what music made with Sinus waves will sound like. Keep me posted.

I'd say grab whichever you get your hands on the easiest to start, you can get picky once you can tell the difference yourself. If you're just starting you don't really need to worry about the DMG's clocking, unless you're absolutely maxing your tracks out or running at >200BPM you should be okay.
Write first, worry about equipment once it comes to light. I wrote my first album on CGB and nobody seemed to mind (so long as you mix it right).

Welcome to the teaching faculty, we should have a faculty dodgeball tourney sometime.

Gonna bump this up for those new in the community. Is there anything in particular I should do more videos on? No guarantees, but I'll see what I can do. Spread this around to anybody new to LSDJ.

Nope sorry, don't have the time, but the music already done is very interesting smile

Are you sure we can't use this site instead?

Yeah, nothing is fool-proof, I had just replaced the batteries on one of my carts so I thought I was safe for a while, but the solder to the battery casing broke loose, so I lost it anyway tongue

Edit: lol, had to do a double take, interesting censorship on this board smile

ChipCon Dubai 2013


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Affordable and looks to be a really solid product! Great job again you guys!

I love the "LoFi Hell" one, could really be useful for some glitchy tunes!

TylerBarnes wrote:

Also super tip! A 3/9 groove is rather clever. Though it may not work for some situations. Particularly situations I often implement. I might be wrong but wouldn't that stop me from being able to make a beat like the one below? Beats 7 and 9 would start 3 tics before I wanted them to, right?.

Yeah it wouldn't work with that tongue It's almost always better to just do it the long way, but for 1 time scenarios the 3-9 groove makes it so you don't have to write out everything as a 3-3 groove.

Victory Road wrote:

cool vid! could be edited more succinctly though, but thanks for sharing this :>
personally, i do kick/bass combos inside the kick table, with P00 followed by a transpose

I do this sometimes too, if you'd like your bass sound to be different than your kick you can just use an F01 command and copy the WAV instrument 's WAV of your choice into the second frame of your kick-drum's wave table. Only works for static wav basses, (unless you want to go super technical) but should work in  most cases.

Very well done video, pretty helpful, you've got very clean cut instruments, good programming.

I've done the groove trick in the past, sometimes I get too lazy to re-write everything in double-time though. There's another potential option there, though it's a bit more clumsy and I'd recommend your method over this one.

If you know that all of your kicks will be on an even beat and all your basses will be directly following that, you can set your wav channel's groove to:


That way you don't have to work in double-time. Or if you're being really boring and just doing 4 on the floor you could do this:


OR if you only need it in isolated cases and want the rest of your groove to be steady you can always change it temporarily and then change it right back. Assuming The 03,09 groove is on G-01:

BASS ---
--- G-00

All of them sound exactly the same, but some might fit your use-case better.

Also, very nice kick, sounds punchy.

Someone please do this and release the pixel art as creative commons, the world needs more free-to-use sprites in it.

Haha, this would be awesome! I'd love for there to be an archive of chiptune "Mood Music" (town, cave, epic KILLTHATDRAGONGETITOFFMEMYHAIRISONFIRE music, etc).
I might get a track or two together for you if you promise to make the collection available as a zip file somewhere after smile

This would be great as a "Chiptune soundrack to me life" sort of idea, and would be handy to just have in my music library.

roboctopus wrote:

His big mistake was not Googling that name first, since all the Google results return pages about the software.

Agreed, I should have done the same perhaps, but I'm working my way up the rankings, I'm reaching first page google results now at least. Though I have an eternal struggle against associations with Die Antwoord.

In hindsight I still like the name enough to keep it, it's short, easy to spell, and easy to find on your iPod *scroll to bottom*.

I managed to completely swallow up this french folk band's last.fm page though, besides the pictures haha.

Yeah I've got a purple one like that which was spray-painted. Looks great smile