This is the 4th outing of Chip Bit Day, a chiptune music event that will once again celebrate all things 8bit, electronic & nostalgic. Hitting Manchester on Saturday 15th June, 3pm at Peer Hat, Manchester, Chip Bit Day will be hosting great artists, such as Monodeer, STU, HarleyLikesMusic and more!

TICKETS £8.50 (£10.00 on the door)

Event page:
Tickets: … t-day-2019


Monodeer [NL]
Monodeer is the alter ego of Dutch electronic musician Mark van den Heuvel, who combines his eternal love for 8-bit, hard hitting beats and basslines into inimitable live sets.

Electronic music producer and DJ, STU was born and raised in the hometown of lsd, Basel, Switzerland. Colored by the sounds of vintage gear and home computers, his work is a highly energetic blend of various musical styles created within the hardware limitations of the Atari ST and its internal beep maker.

HarleyLikesMusic [UK]
Based in Sheffield, HarleyLikesMusic creates fat bassy music on a Gameboy Advance SP with LSDJ.

Based in southernly coast of the UK, Protodome creates a chipfunk, a creative blend of chiptunes, funk and jazz.

Dirty Clide [UK]
Lea Ward, AKA Dirty Clide is a multi instrumentalist, vocalist, live performer and producer. His music features a variety of massive beats, phat bass and retro 8bit game sounds, mixed with his live chaotic grungy guitar vocals.

Shortee [GER]
Hailing from Leipzig, Shortee makes beats on Gameboys, whilst simultaneously scratching vinyl on a turntable.

Kojin [UK]
Kojin is a Manchester based chiptune artist who relies on using Gameboys and other devices to eclectic EDM music.

Nyokee [UK/GER]
Inspired by early Chiptune and 8-bit music, singer and producer Nyokeë presents an energetic mix of synth heavy Kawaii Bass and retro game sounds, wrapped in electrifying visuals and Harajuku street fashion.

Myths & Monsters [UK]
Myths and Monsters use a Gameboy Advance to power analog synthesizers, with influences including the early electronica of the 1970s, film soundtracks of the 1980s and 1990s dance music.
Myths and Monsters

Jellybear [UK]
Based in southwest England, Jellybear fuzes his love of chiptunes with other genres such as speedcore, gabber hardtek and psytrance.

Idiotbox [UK]
Idiotbox has been creating visuals for Chip Bit Day since 2016 to critical acclaim and is back once again to coat the venue in energetic 8-bit infused graphics.

technologyisevil [UK]
Harnessing the power of computer-glitch for his own psychedelic ends, TechnologyIsEvil creates graphical mash-ups that will melt your eyes, your brains and the wall they're projected on.

TICKETS £8.50 (£10.00 on the door) … t-day-2019


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I had to go back 2.7.9. As soon as I update it changed all my chords down a step in all my songs, and the new change in the noise channel didn't really mix well and sounded rather dirty with my tracks sad

*** C H I P  B I T  D A Y  2 0 1 7 ***

May 6th, Whiskey Jar, Manchester

6pm - 1am

This is the 2nd outing of Chip Bit Day, a chiptune music event, celebrating all things 8bit, electronic & nostalgic. Chip Bit Day will be hosting great artists, such as, Pain Perdu, PROTODOME, 2xAA, Mizkai, Alex Lane, Jellyatrix, Nihilarc, Dunningkruger & finally Idiotbox on the visuals!

Get Tickets here:

Facebook Event Page:

*** L I V E  A C T S ***

**Pain Perdu**

French Duo who use the Gameboy SP to their full advantage creating sick cool tunes!


A UK based jazz musician fusing jazz with chiptune. He has a variety of different styles ranging from funk, to big band & acid jazz.


A big musician in the chiptune community, he's come back a 2nd time to play a cool nanoloop set up!


Hailing from Wales, Mizkai's music is high octane eccentric music inspired by rave & dance.

**Alex Lane**

Originally from AUS but resides in the UK, Alex Lane is a fantastic musician, creating eclectic beats funky leads.


Hailing from Manchester Jellyatrix creates crazy sporadic music through drum and bass, rave & dance!


Also from Manchester DunningKruger is new to the chipscene but has already shown off his music talent by winning ChipBattles. His style is around mainly dubstep, EDM & dance!


Only a few have heard his music, but all have vouched for it's awesomeness!

*** V I S U A L S ***

**Idiotbox Visuals**

Idiotbox will reprise doing the visuals a 2nd time by creating a montage of crazy & glitchy imagery, whilst using web camera magic to further glitch shit out!

--- CHIP BIT SID ---

Recently got Nanoloop 2 and I've been trying to sync properly to my Volca Beats. It works and everything however, whenever I slave nanoloop, volca beats considerably slows down the tempo of pattern, even though they're the same tempo out of sync. Am I missing something here?

Hi guys!
I'm holding a chiptune event in Manchester, UK on April 23rd at Kings Arms, Salford.

It's called, CHIP BIT DAY. It started off small with a couple of artists, but quickly snowballed into a bigger event.
Because of this, I set up a crowd funding page, so people can buy their tickets through there and support the event at the same time. … 13352619#/

Confirmed artists with pledged money at the moment:
Euan Lynn
Rituals (Visuals)

Potential Artists:

I've already paid for the event space, so the event will happen.

Any support would be greatly appreciated, be it pledging on the crowd funder or sharing it.


catskull wrote:

Joe Bleeps is good and a cool dude.

I've never dealt with him directly, but he appears to do quality work.

Having had Joe work on multiple gameboys, I can honestly is he one of the best for modding. Any spare Parts though, gameboymodsuk, as Joe gets his spare parts from there.

Hi guys! It's been a while! I thought I'd post the latest review that I've done on my blog, Chip! Bit! Sid! This week I'm reviewing Villainest's latest album, A good day to try hard, and it features a fusion of hardrock guitar, keytar & sega mega drive sounds. If you like your chiprock, them you'll enjoy this! … -hard.html

If you fancy getting on chip bit sid, just send me some stuff over via any social below! I listen to everything I'm given. Thanks for reading!

A couple weeks ago I gave my close friend some a chiptune album, Breakbeat Heartbeat's Leaving Home to listen to. He'd never listened to chiptune music before and was more adjourned to indie/rock music. He came back to me with his thoughts and it became a fantastic article on why the average joe should definitely listen to chiptune music!

Check it out:

Btw I will also be on chiptune & video game radio station, Gameface at 6pm UK GMT. I'll be playing all the music that's been reviewed this past month. I will also be interviewing the great J3WEL who has just released his latest album, Sick of This via Cheapbeats!

Listen to it via this link:

Thanks for reading!

Hi guys!

I haven't posted here in a while on reviews so I thought I'd give it another shot. Basically I do a chiptune blog called, Chip Bit Sid and I cover small time artists with good music who wouldn't usually get promoted. So far it's been awesome & the chiptune community, utterly fantastic! My latest review is on Nanode's Loopy. In short it's a fantastic album, featuring fantastic chilled melodies, along with cool leads and beats. To hear more check it out below:



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Hi guys,

I recently got a Thursday Customs Midi Arduino boy and I've been trying to sync it up with ableton. Needless to say I haven't been having any luck so could someone please post a crash course on the basics?

My setup is like this:
Ableton on macbook
iConnectMIDI2 connected up to Thursday Customs Midi boy and plugged in via usb to mac
Midi boy connected to gameboy



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Yes! Me too. I looked on the shopify but they're all sold out! When do you think they'll be back in stock?

Next tuesday is the deadline guys smile

And I'll PM you my email. I'd rather you link it me as a dropbox, as I don't like to give out my email. I get people sending me music for the blog, but someone managed to get my personal email add to send me stuff, even though I never posted it 0.o

Can agree with that. I was thinking of childs play, but honestly I would have no idea on how to send the money over to them (considering it would be physical plus pounds sterling not dollars).

In the end I've decided to donate the money to a charity called, Barnardos, who help protect children from abuse as well as help less abled children.

Not the most unique charity, but one I know the money will go to good use. I chose this charity due to my friend, who has volunteered with them for most of his life along with his family. Its also a lot more easier for me to pass the money to them as well.

I made a post as well on the facebook: … permPage=1

So now the charity has been locked. Sorry about the wait, but its hard to juggle everything such as work, life and the blog.

I'll keep posting updates on this thread as I go along. smile

Anything related to chiptune. Can't be so narrow when it comes to music smile

Anything is fine unreleased or released. It's about getting good unheard music to the masses smile