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Hey there!
Haven't posted here in years, it's been too long!
within my lapse of being away, I have started a carrier in electrical engineering, and want to start getting back to my roots, which started out as modding DMG;s and making weird pedals and such.
I would love to start designing some cool hardware for you guys, be it a mechanical finger on a dmg or a 12 channel mixer with a tube screamer on each channel. whatever you guys want or need.
Also, I realize this may get graveyarded, but I hope maybe some people wanna see some cool stuff get made smile
email me for prices and conversations about what you guys want to see @ alleybeachelectric(a)gmail(d)com
Thanks smile


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Awesome. bought it. Thanks Doges 


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Hey dudes, long time no post. I'm trying to get back into writing, and Id like to see if you dudes have a Drag n Derp you might be willing to part with. Let me know!
alleybeachelectric at gmail.com



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i saw those  like a year ago. kinda bummed me out cause ive been working real hard on making a small ass cmoy for a gbp

http://little-scale.blogspot.com/2011/0 … or-16.html
http://little-scale.blogspot.com/2008/0 … e-boy.html

a pi wouldnt work?
I have a beaglebone and an XMOS pcb i can donate if you think you can make it happen on one of those


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yea, just ground the white wire. the reason the prosound still works is its bypassing the amp. the amp reads the digital input and chooses whether the speaker stays on or off wink

they wouldnt happened to be the jap pokemon games would they?

i use multiple light coats. 2 light coats, and a medium coat. then if needed, 2 more light coats and a medium again. that should prevent bubbles and runs


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i was gonna say qtip and alcohol, but justins remedy sounds just as appealing wink


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mannn http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1994%E2%80 … .C._season

in the parts list there's a 1uf cap. this is most likely for the 7805 as called for in a voltage regulating circuit, solving the filtering issue.

bit 9 wrote:
Alley Beach wrote:

the arduinoboy needs some capacitors i think..

Only for the clock, which isn't included in trash80's original schematic.

yea, but trash80's schematic is rolling off of an arduino board (uno/ pro mini), not just the uC.

the arduinoboy needs some capacitors i think..


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In a different thread not too long ago, I think we concluded that an overheating power board is normal aging. I could be wrong. Someone please quote me on it.


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funny, i was just talking about switches with a member on here.
there is a white wire connected to the headphone jack pcb, that is connected to a switch. when the switch is disconnected, the amp believes there are headphones in the jack and shuts off the speaker.