I know, it's hard to find an artist. I've decided to just go it alone for a while and work on designing good games with okay artwork. It's an intriguing game idea. I think If you can show people something to impress them about your game, it's a lot more appealing. Even if it's a few screenshots of your game in action with placeholder graphics.

Dig it. I agree with 8 bit rex. Sure someone will hit you up.

Mmm, might have better luck at pixel joint, or gamedev. Good luck to you.


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Is that who it is? Knew it was familiar. Cool.


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Sounds like fighter x music or something in this game.. looks fun. Really sounds like lsdj.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chgF3NjS … r_embedded

I've achieved some very evil vocals by adding ring modulation. Maybe put a speech synth through one a those.

ant1 wrote:

it seems impossible to link to due to the nuts design of the site but there is a good page about speech synths at micromusic.net

Yeah that site is crazy. I used to love going there, it's a little slow these days though.

an0va wrote:

And what happens if you have the same parameters in both songs (i.e. - same instrument/table/noise pattern in both songs)? Wouldn't the paste function need to be intelligent to match variables so that you don't clone just to double on the same data?

That would be nice, for the program to 'optimize' the output song. There would of course have to be a focus on saving space. Even if it didn't do that though, it wouldn't be  too much of an inconvenience to do that yourself before running the program.

tRasH cAn maN wrote:

The application could even be able to check if an instrument in Song A is has the exact same settings as one in Song B and map all usages of it to the first one in order to save memory. You'd loose the instrument name though.

That is an issue. I suppose the program could ask you to rename it or something though.

"Instrument PBASS and instrument AAA are the same. What do you want to name the combined instrument?"

Thanks! Did not know about that.

tRasH cAn maN wrote:

I had some vague ideas a while ago making a pc application that could do something similar. Also being able to save instruments separately etc. Never found the time to get around doing it though. I think I came as far as mapping up how the .sav file is laid out.

I'd like to start working on this in my spare time. Can you share some of your knowledge about the sav format? That's the only thing slowing me down. No documentation for it. I actually have found some c code that parses the sav file, but I'd like to know as much as possible.

It seems goatslacker has started a project for converting from the lsdj sav file to xml. http://code.google.com/p/lsdj2xml/. I haven't compiled it yet, but it looks legit. Pretty handy. Apparently his idea was to make a program that would open a sav file, extract a song from it, and allow the user to save individual instrument files. Something like that.

It would be great to have a program that would extract an instrument from a song, and upload it to a big database.

8-Bit-Rex wrote:

Now that I have some free time I banged out a good portion of it...I want this competition thing to get a good start so I'll be trying my damnedest to get it up there. 

And for the record...I think dubstep gets too much of an unfair rap.  I mean...If a dubstep song has some cool and unique ideas it in...shits awesome.  The problem lies in the cookie cutter dubstep songs...

Hey I'm with ya for the most part. I love dubstep. But honestly, the market is flooded with the generic formula dubstep. They're killing it.

this however is very good.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDo0cCtU … re=related


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Sander von Focus wrote:

Don't miss this one by UnitZeroOne: http://unitzeroone.com/labs/particleVideo/

so crazy.


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in chip music that is to say.


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this is the shit. not enough brks and hiphops.


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That's sounds sweet. You got 8580s in there?


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Melkor wrote:

I don't think a child's crayon drawings are art and neither do I think an interesting pattern in nature is art. But these things are definitely beautiful and interesting.

Art is something practiced by a person. It can be the execution of a learned skill, or the innate creative force in humans.

Melkor wrote:

Are the Beatles records art? The Misfits? Southern slave songs (which are some of the most expressive and emotional things one could imagine)?

Yes those things are art.

Melkor wrote:

Again I say no, because they belong to the commons (by this I mean, not intellectual property rights but rather a seemingly universal intuitive understanding of music) in a way that I think is more powerful than mere "art".

What? If these people were touched by this thing your speaking of, and motivated to create something...that would be art.


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herr_prof wrote:

Being a chip producer is loads easier to produce art than holding a band together or even putting money into painting or other items.

Yah, but when was the last itme you got laid for the playing the gameboy? wink