Are you telling me that Call Me Maybe or Friday have the exact same worth as any other song?

I didn't read any of this debate but I just wanted to chime in and say that I like both of those songs a lot - while both have flawed lyrics, they are both also deeply catchy, accessible feel-good pop songs and Call Me Maybe also has notable production and instrumentation which I really like.
Certain songs are worth more to me than others, but of course, ones perception of worth when it comes to music varies from person to person.

Back to the original topic at hand; love of composing and music in general is a huge driving force for me. Every time I felt like quitting (which has been a *lot* of times) or times where I go through a slump, listening to music and trying to reconnect with what I loved about it the first time helped. Comparing oneself to others in the sense of "this guy's better than me" is something I personally try and avoid - in my mind, "they're doing their thing, I'm just doing my thing, which is different from their thing."

This is pretty enjoyable. The classical influence is certainly there, and it's always cool to hear classical structures and progressions in popular and modern musical styles.


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Source files can be found here:

Thanks for your comments guys smile Really glad this was well recieved


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I agree with Danimal - the guy makes some very good points about chiptune, and actually acknowledges that a lot of people fall into the trap of seeing "8-bit_ or chiptune sounds as a gimmick. It's refreshing to hear a chiptune music review talk about the actual nature of the sounds in the context of electronic music as a whole. Not just "this sounds like megaman" (although yes, that needs to stop)..

(but yeah, it would help if some of the music was played during the review)


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herr_prof wrote:

Unless you can convert your 2a03 samples into nsfs you are out of luck.

True. You'd have to enter it in the Freestyle category. Although, it'd be worth giving IT2NSF a shot if you're making a module file with them.

And yeah, Famicompo has never been limited to Famitracker; you could use anything so long as the end product was an nsf file


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Feryl wrote:

Where's Recovery?

(I had a feeling someone would ask that)

I made a decision to keep the tracklist restricted to songs that weren't on compilations (or weren't planned for future albums hint hint).

"Recovery" was made for Ubiktune's "Equilibrium" (which I highly recommend downloading: ) so by my own ruling I had to keep it off the album (as I also did with Starfish Island, Fresh Tales etc... Gastly is the only exception).

So yeah, sorry 'bout that (I think it's actually one of my best songs) -_-


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"The Coffee Zone" is a collection of some .nsf chiptunes written between 2010 and 2014. Five of these tracks are also previously unreleased yikes

This album is free/pay what you want smile


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Many tongue 6/8 is probably my favourite time sig to write in ..(or maybe it's 9/8? I dunno)

This song incorporates a couple of the time signatures you've listed:
The first part starts out in 12/8 (which is basically 6/8 anyway, but twice as long). It then shifts to 9/8 at 1:29. At 2:57 it changes to 5/4.

EDIT: Yeah, to echo what Tyler said, the outro to Fast City is 7/4. The mid-section is in 6/8 though.

I skimmed most of bit, but I thought the article was an interesting read - refreshing to see more academic articles published on the subject of chipmusic. A couple of things are sketchy -  I thought Diode Milliampere writes for Adlib OPL, which should technically still make it authentic chiptune.

(impending potentially silly post)

"Composing fakebit is often understood as shameful activity" - Over the the last three years there's been a significant improvement on this attitude. Although, it usually only concerns people who make chipmusic with a DAW, and particularly those who use VSTs; not so much with tracker musicians who make XM/IT files (at least in my experience). Because these module formats are technically sample based, and that these formats don't belong to a "chip," they should technically constitute fakebit. I guess the nature of making an IT/XM file involves the use of a tracker, and given how old the format is, has made this method of music making less of a target (feel free to disagree with me here; I'm just making an observation based on what I've seen). Am I saying this format should be subject to ridicule? Of course not - the pure vs. fake opposition is being eroded and it's great too see, plus the nature and the overall notion of what chiptune is is changing.

XyNo wrote:

ubiktune on Fakebit ?! DUDE NO !!!

It's been that way for quite some time - Ubiktune puts out almost no "purist" chiptune albums out anymore and the last one I recall seeing on there is Kulor's "That's what I call Kulor!" back in 2012.

Sketchman3: I wouldn't say that "Battle of the bits" is proving itself to be a major influence on the chiptune scene ... yet. It's getting there though.

Limitations of the gameboy chip seem to be the defining reason as to why all, or most, gameboy trackers are 4 (or up to 6) channels only. That being said, it could be possible to make a hack and create a tracker that emulates a "2xGameboy" chip or something (each chip panned L+R respectively or summin), similar to Raster's 2xSAP hack - so you'd get 8-channels instead of 4.

(you can tell I know very little about this chip ahahaha)


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Nice lil' delicate and evocative collection of pieces. Great imagery going on here smile


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[okay that was a little mean. Apologies]

Nice! Any chance of sharing the .ftm? smile


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*post deleted.. I apologise for my bitterness*


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@TSC: They ripped off this song by kulor: (originally from this botb ohc back in 2007: … .sap/1134/ )

.. in this song:


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No mention of 8bitstellar?

..also give mazi at least a 2 for excitement tongue After he ripped off my music as an##g (or whatever), he then decided it would be a good idea to steal my music again... but under my artist name. He then proceeded to actually impersonate me "catching" a##ng in the act (with terrible English), and ultimately that lead to both accounts being suspended... ..and that's the story of how I joined 8bc -_-