Yessss! One of the best times of year for chipmusic


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Well what the hell,

- got featured on the "noisechan and nugget" compilation alongside virt and co.
- wrote a track for the 'bitpuritans' compilation, which I would say ended up being my favourite chip release of 2013
- won winter chip 8 and famicompo mini 10
- started taking part in ohc's
- came 2nd in the aforementioned 6-week compo (to bryface)
- made a few friends
- composed more music than I have ever composed in a year - including a total of 79 ohcs and about 10 tracks I'm still sitting on that I have yet to release

In chipmusic terms I had a good year smile


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Wooooooooo! big_smile

"8OKTA" is LAZERNIPPLES by Raptor (Derris) Kharlan ( )

(obligatory heyheyheyheyheyheyheyheyheyhey)

"Life Can't End Today, It's Already Tomorrow" is a track by Rhodo4 (i think that's what he went by at the time of release) called "The World Can't End Today, It's Already Tomorrow In Australia"

I think I've encountered this guy before; he ripped off a track of mine called "Surfing On a Sine Wave" and cleverly renamed it "Surfing On A Cosine Wave" ... incidentally he also had a track called "Surfing On A Sine Wave" that was actually a Cerror track that I forgot the title of (it was called "keygen *somethingsomething*" and I can't seem to find it anywhere anymore. It sounded really cool though)..

EDIT: I found that cerror track not long after posting this big_smile It was called ngen07.mod (ngen racer type tune)... but yeah, he stole that at some point too


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I saw the title of the thread and instantly thought you were referring to this comp: big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile heart

..I think we should all just download it and take notes


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At speed 7 for famitracker, 128.57 is a rounded number for the bpm, which is actually 900/7bpm (128.5714285714286...). I guess this could account for a slight displacement. You mentioned that the tempo is set to 150bpm, which should be perfectly fine (changing the tempo in famitracker to non-150 can cause unevenness in tempo)

Alpine wrote:

Then could you please explain the point of chipmusic then? If it isn't, in a nutshell, to try and make cool shit with outdated devices, then what is it? Is it just a gimmick? A nostalgia trip?

As I said, I thought the point was to use consoles or personal computers, not for their primary purpose, to keep within their limitations, and stretch them to the max, e.g. chibi-tech's stuff. Pushing the NES/Famicom to the limit to try and get cool sounds out of it. If people are just going to make music that sounds like an NES, or sounds like a C64, then you might as well call it fake tbh. Plus you guys are always hella quick to go "is not vidya game music, just made on vidya game console" and with chip, you can go "yeah, it just plays on the console, but it's music I made myself, it's not like I sample shit, p cool right?" but with fakebit, what do you say? Do you go "yeah, this sounds like an old video game, but isn't, I made it using samples in FL Studio, pretty rad right?" which imo, doesn't have the same kinda reasoning behind it.

Also, I'm not calling module stuff like .xm/.it/.mod/.w/e fake, it runs on limitations, especially if you're keeping to like 16k or something.

All I'm trying to say is I can't even tell what the point of chiptune is, if it isn't that, if you can give a decent reason as to why it isn't just a gimmick , or a nostalgia trip, I will be glad to hear it.

Firstly, I don't think you understand what "Techno" actually is (an unrelated subgenre of EDM). If you keep using a word and don't know what it means, don't use it.

Secondly, the limitation with chipmusic doesn't lie with the software and hardware limitations per-se. The most striking limitation of chiptune, and the one that gives it its identity in my view, is timbre. When you write chiptune, "fake" and "pure" alike, you restrict yourself to basic waveforms - usually square, triangle, noise, maybe others (like FDS-style customised waves). That is the main limitation in my eyes. Techno and other EDM styles (I use the term EDM loosely here) will tend to use more complex waveforms and modulations (FM synthesis, vsts, layers of effects) and can incorporate acoustic instruments. Chiptunes can incorporate those elements too, but there is often a pure waveform element lurking around in there somewhere. The techniques and style of composition does derive from old video-game music (and if you want to go even further back, very early computer music from the 1960s), but if you write a chiptune on Logic Pro using the same timbral, textural and other musical limitations as NES 2a03, you're not doing anything too much different (you just won't be able to export your song to hardware, and you're just using a different medium to Famitracker or MML).

At least, that's what I feel like chiptunes should be - people will certainly disagree with me, but that's my view anyway. Genre definitions can be blurry (esp. with electronic music) and I personally don't care much for them anyway. There are other techniques that are closely related to chiptune, like fast arpeggiation and low quality/noise, and maybe restrictions on range (though different systems have different ranges). But, I don't think that defining chiptune should be restricted purely to music composed on old-video game systems only.

Also, I echo a previous comment, that any form of music is riddled with limitations anyway whatever you write with.

(I apologise if I seem a little aggressive, and for probably making myself look like a slight idiot, but eh, I've typed everything and I may as well post)

4mat wrote:

The fact you're all so happy to use the term fakebit is pretty depressing.  You don't find it insulting?   I mean, "fakebit"?  Really?

Yup, I don't like it as a term. I think it's one that implies that non-"authentic" works (ie. works composed on/for hardware) are inferior to pure-chiptune works due to the fact that they are "not authentic." (by describing them using the term "fake").
Chiptune, for me, is a genre that is identifiable mostly by timbre. How these sounds are achieved shouldn't really matter so much.

^^^ ^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^ Maxo is god of harmonies

If you want to get "technical," s3x/mod/it/xm music can also be considered as "fakebit" as anything made with a DAW/midi (as it's primarily sample based). In which case, I'd also point you towards xyce, wiklund, zebra, joule, malmen etc etc etc.
I'd also point you towards some of my .xm/.it stuff, cause that's technically fakebit too, hehe (specifically, "Motorway" and "The Early Attempts")


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While I'd probably find it hard to contribute anything outside of the odd 1-bit entry for occasional compos/botb ohc's, I guess I could get on board with this ;D It might be worth sharing this on botb as well, as that community seems to be slowly building its own repertoire of "1-bit" music composers (and good ones at that).


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PM'd (I've had internet issues all day so I hope it's not too late)


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Prolly a dumb question, but where should we send our tracks to? Should we PM you or send them via an email address?


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Always oversell/offer higher than you'd think... and never give away your price in public ;P least that's what people have usually told me to do


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@GREATSWORD+defpremium: Know when to stop (ie. a page ago).


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Are there any restrictions/requests for length? I think I've finished mine, if it's long enough, hehe