I'd buy some. I just wish they were more precise.  I'm hesitant to pre-order though, because I doubt there will be enough interest for this to progress.



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Red and white didn't work. It just dyed it red with a white layer on top that rubbed off.
The shell was broken, though. So it's ok.

I saw a green gameboy that Kitsch dyed and it looked great. I've been wanting to try that as well, but I can't find any green dye.


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Heh, Matt, our gameboys look the same

I use acetone on this one as well. It helps, but too many people over do it.

Yellow/orange dye very well. I know blue and black don't however.

I'll be trying pink next, if I can find some pink dye. Or maybe I'll try mixing red and white.

Actually...Hmm... I'm going to try this now...

I'll be back in 20 minutes.


Didn't work. Bwahaha.


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Black doesn't dye well. I wouldn't try it. But I guess you could always just paint it if it fails. It may come out brown.

And don't use any acetone. The plastic doesn't need it. Every dyed DMG I see has white acetone burns in it.
I think the acetone method is more ideal for very glossy plastic that can't absorb the dye.


I happen to have a spare NES cable with no controller, a 32 pin socket, diodes, transitors, wires, a gyromite donor, which seems to be what you're using, and tons of caps. Being a scavenger pays off sometimes.

I saw one of those usb-serial cables at a thrift store. It may still be there, I'll grab it and I think I'll be all set.

Thanks for investing your time into this project. It's great to have people willing to supply tutorials and DIY instructions for things like this. If you need any donations of parts for further testing, I may be able to help out.

Sorry about that. I read what I wanted to hear and not what you had actually wrote.

I probably have most of the stuff to make one around. I'd love to pick up a pre-programmed chip.

I frequent hackaday- was very cool to see this.

I noticed you mentioned DIY kits for us lazy folk. I would generally just do it from scratch, but if I have to buy a programmer or anything, it'd probably be cheaper to get the kit.

Any idea what the kits will run for? Or is it too soon to say?