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Interested in the blue DMG, but I don't think I have anything to trade...

Updated the first post with all the new stuff I've got for sale.


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If it's mono, you could even just use a normally open momentary switch and have it short the output to ground. Granted, you may get a slight 'pop'.

Yo Logan, will it be $65.00 to Canada?

I think I'll have the funds for one of these soon, I'm willing to put a down payment on one if these are going to be a limited run.


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Probably more suited for the trading post section...


Do you ship to Canada? I'll take the DMGs if so.


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I've got a programmer, I could put the code on for you if you send me the stuff, but at that point it may be more worthwhile just to buy a programmer.

Man, these look nice...

I'll pick one up when I've got the money. I really need something like this.


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Mainly looking for just the board. Doesn't even need the screen, but I will purchase any as long as the board still works. The screen can be broken, battery cover missing. Just as long as the price is right.

PM on here or email [email protected]


There has definitely been a demand for the translucent light blue with my commissions.  They look really nice in a grey DMG. Goes well with the blue text.

Or in dyed DMGs. These colors don't match up all that well, I ended up using your dark blue ones, but I want to try dying another one to match the color of the translucent blue ones.

And here's what the red ones look like in a dyed clearboy. Picture snatched from kineticturtle's blog. The clearboy is one I dyed and backlit, then he put the buttons in.

I want to do more dyed clearboys, but the selection for translucent buttons is rather limited at the moment.

I've been contemplating making one of these, I had a circuit design all made up for a bi-color LED indicator. Luckily I didn't end up ordering any circuit boards for it. I think I'll buy one of these on my next order.

Are you planning on getting in any new color buttons like...translucent light blue, translucent red and translucent green? If you can get them on your next order, I'll purchase bunch.