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The last time I popped my head in, there were some pretty active Discord servers like Chiptune Cafe.

I'd been around since about 2008, I still have fond memories of chipmusic, this forum, 8bc, the gigs, the awesome artists I got to hang out with etc but it was such a long time ago since everyone I knew was active that I fell away too. Hope you're all well, by the way!


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I found a copy of Nanoloop 2.3 that I no longer require.

Asking £50 or nearest offer. Not sure of the pricing these days so let me know if you think that's reasonable.

You'd be best emailing me at garryleesycamoredrive [@] gmail.com as I don't regularly visit the forums. Would prefer to ship within the UK.


Thanks for posting this, it's really nice to see how modest many of those artists were about their early successes.

tempsoundsolutions wrote:

you shouldnt care


The Killers? Also, they wouldn't play the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack live?




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A similar topic with a ton of links to samples:
http://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/136/t … d-samples/

tempsoundsolutions wrote:

might even be tough for them.

Over 1,500 copies of the vinyl already sold according to their Kickstarter.

dsv101 wrote:
tempsoundsolutions wrote:

in this community, none of these artists are gonna be able to sell 500 copies of records with enough frequency to recoup the investment in it.

Anamanaguchi: Endless Fantasy

They are very much the exception to the rule.


More pictures here.


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Edward Shallow wrote:

Anamanaguchi have played two UK dates before.

Did we go to the Scotland one? I think I was there. Who else played?

Your options are:

Full-print run (minimum usually 100-300, sometimes less) - benefits=low cost per record, drawbacks=high volume (if you're not very popular).
Example - http://www.urpressing.com/

Lathe run (minimum usually 10-25, sometimes less) - benefits=low volume, drawbacks=high cost per record, sometimes low quality/mono recordings.
Example - http://justinlloydcreative.com/piaptk/lathecuts/

or if you just want a copy for yourself...

Dubplates - (one copy) - benefit=good for personal archives, drawbacks=extremely high cost per record, usually deteriorates with each play.
Example - http://www.customrecords.com/DJ_dubplat … cords.html

All options are expensive, and you're probably not going to make any money (unless you sell for a really high cost price). You're more likely to be out of pocket any way you choose with only like 35 Soundcloud fans (no offence, just being realistic here).

I love that chipmusic.org doesn't get involved in these things officially because I don't want it to be defined by anything other than the tools we all use to make music. The total lack of an officially recognised competition winning track, or event featuring a few of the hundreds/thousands of artists here makes it apparent that all people and styles are welcomed here, and no-one is officially better than anyone else in the eyes of "chipmusic.org". Isn't that something you want to protect?

All you're really asking is for someone else to pony up the cash for prizes, and their time to make you feel good about yourself. "Oh look, I came 4th in the bass drum sound effect competition Summer 2013, I feel legitimised by this in the eyes of my peers".

Make your own competition, put on your own event, do your own community building exercise if you want these things to happen. It's not hard.

There are plenty of places in chiptune that already do all of those things. Why can't this just be a nice place to talk/trade and nothing more?


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AndrewKilpatrick wrote:

Last day of Superbyte. In London on the way home. This could be fucking perrrrrfect

With this timing, who said they aren't the special guests at Superbyte? tongue



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stargazer wrote:

Sorry there are games built into these right?

"i've hard there were versions of this with built-in games, but i haven't been able to access them myself. perhaps there is a button combo to press at startup? i don't know. but, it would seem like they would all be the same, but when i power it on without a game inserted i just get the logo screen, nothing more."

So that's pretty much a no. Supposedly the built-in game version went out of production 2 years ago.