Would these have the same fucntionality as the full arduinoboy or would it be like the arduinoboy mini?

also, if you load LSDJ to a flash cart then you can't use the same flash cart to play games as LSDJ uses the save memory for the songs you write and it can't be split/shared between differen programs.

I found that I preferred the very slight sound differences I experienced when my gameboy light was still working.

What I noticed as significant is that the wav channel had a more midranged sound playing the same synth. One problem that can occur with a lot of DMG songs is that they get very bass heavy and this helped that.

I used to write and record a lot of songs, for 8bc etc, only on the gameboy light and with the light on and noone seemed to notice.

Also, I've only seen photos of EL backlit DMG's but the light on one of these is just amazing.

About your original question, I remember that Nonfinite posted a topic on 8bc a while back where he'd opened up a gameboy light so he might have a bit more insight into prosounding one of these.

This would probably fit better in the Trading Post section if you're looking to buy.

Although, this is a chipmusic oriented site, you might have better luck on sites whose users are more focused on analogue synths.

good luck


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I bought a sammichsid kit a while back, one of the first few batches if I remember correctly. However, after trying other projects in preparation it turns out my soldering skills aren quite up to scratch.

Wondering if there's anyone who'd be open to building my kit for a price?

I have the full kit and my own 8580 sids.

Being located in the UK would be ideal but I'm willig to ship anywhere at this point as I kinda just want to use the sammichsid.



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I really need to try and build my one of these one day. I'm worried that I'll mess up the soldering (I can solder but whenever I've tried to do DIY kits or the like i've fucked up somehow) but it seems really good.

It's a good synth. I was gonna try and replace mine with something else but I'd only want a rack version of it and I've got the keyboard version.


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He's not terrible people.


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Any with profanity in it right?

Have you got it set on the right mode?


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This looks pretty much ideal to me. Going to be super demand from me here, got an sk-1 waiting for bending.

What pricing are you looking at?



That's exactly what mGB does? You need an arduinoboy but it's essentially midines for the Game Boy

How about just a simple one for mGB? I've gotten by with controlling it in Renoise but in Ableton it'd be easier to have a simple vst for it.

I've always just put a table that goes:

0   E01
1   E02
2   E03
3   E03
4   H00

Set with a groove that just coincides with your default groove. Works really well in the wav channel with distorted saw type sounds. That or E00,E01,E02,E03 instead.

For the pulse channels it needs a bit more of fiddling to get the right volume command. Although you can make each fade upwards in those channels which works well.


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I reckon I'll have to pull out of this. All manner of hardware problems have effectively halted me.