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Chipmusic is dead.
I just fck with LSDJ between getting high and watching RapBattles on Youtube.
Isn't that the dream?

Hey you all.
Remember back in 2013 when i wanted to start a record label but in the end just couldn't do it 'cause i didn't know what i got myself into?
If you do, then forget about that and welcome the future!

Sharkpeople Records is now about to start out once again and we are kicking it off with a amazing release that has been in the works for quite some time.
It's the debut of POKEFACE - as seen live @ CHIPWRECKED 2017.

T̝̰̞̼̼́ͅ�̴̛̘̯̮͕̒̾  POKEFACE T̝̰̞̼̼́ͅ�̴̛̘̯̮͕̒̾

1 - NorthEastMeowthWest   
2 - Your very own favourite moment in VideoGame History
3 - Essenziell und gar nicht wichtig
4 - Melodies, Miles and Styles    
5 - End of Act I   
6 - A Question of Attitude   
7 - コイキング
8 - Everybody and Everyone

"This is the Debut of two Artists, who had a spontaneous idea about 4 years ago. Trying to merge their style of creating music they would love to hear and play, while on the other side trying to tear apart the dancefloor in seconds.
A journey began that now finally has reached it's peak.

Go check it out, i think it will be really worth your time.

Hey there,

i recently got a Nintendo Power Cartridge in my hands and tried to flash it with the Altane by ASM.
However, while the Cartridge get's detected and it's possible to dump the rom, it can not be flashed.
Since i don't know how the support for a updated Altane Software currently is handled, is there a proofed method to flash them?
And would it even work with LSDJ, cause of that 1/8 RAM going for the menu?

I call it Chipthrash 'cause it's a genre i feel that fits my personal view on the whole GameBoy music stuff i do.
And people always babble on about how Chiptune is not a genre but a medium.

So i roll with Chipthrash.


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It's nice to see someone remember that old MegaMan Tune. Had my first stage experience with it.
I'll make 2016 the best that i can, thanks dude.


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DantesDMG 2 EP (2015)


Streamable @ SOUNDCLOUD

This is a small release that i put out.
I wrote a album for over 2 years, but after i finished it i basiclly wrote a new tune and the whole album seemed whack to me.
Now after finishing some more i wanted to release a 5 Track EP. Here are 3 of those 5. Unmastered, not downloadable, no official coverart but here to be heard. I just don't want them to sit on my cart anylonger, since i haven't released anything in ages. Have heard them to often over and over again.
So pls. tell me what you think.

Until i got a stable living situation again and sorted all things out to make 2016 the year my life finally goes in the direction it's suppose to go - this will be the last from me for a while.

Cya then,
9-Heart ■ DantesDMG


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Here it is.
2013-2015. My album, around 30 Minutes of my Style of Chipthrash. All different. Tunes filled with a whole journey over 2 years. And beyond.
Release: Late Fall / Winter.
Meet me first at CHIP HITS THE FAN in Nuermberg, 24th October.

[email protected]

Hey man, i love Instrumental Hip-Hop. Yeah. And Rap with flows.
Check out my stuff => CLICK !
I can add some punch and bones to it.

Dire Hit wrote:

I love this. Are there any decent GBA flash carts out there?

I looked into the EZ-Flash IV. Flashcart with a MicroSD Slot. Should be the most reliable one, since a lot of people use it.

I love stuff that is built like LSDJ. And i love samples.
Gonna get myself a flashcard to play around with it on real hardware. Wanted to get a GBA one anyways for a while now.

baudtack wrote:

Is there any way to even out the power usage in a backlit DMG? I have a problem where the screen contrast changes dramatically when it's playing vs silent. [...]

Have u tried out new batteries?

Actually pretty good mate.
Just keep at it. Better than the shit i came up with when i started.
But i see what u mean with fuller. U got it done with the Drums, try to give the bass more depth, make it phat.


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No disrespect or so - but why is this sad news to me?
Seriosuly not wanna hate but change the title to something like "Important Information from YERZMYEY". So everybody who had contact with u will click on this thread and u can be sure to get the right people to read it.

Another German Guy here. I have seen a DMG with Buttons like this a few days ago on ebay - But i'm just interested in the buttons.
So u know "where my money" and shit.

Just remove the whole Frame.


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Is there any way to subscribe to like a newsletter or stuff like this to know when the next batch will be coming around.
I saw 2xAA's little demonstration of it and now i'm just dying to get my hands on one :S