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Could you share a photo of the soldering? I'm planning to make this mode but I don't want to make mistakes.

Thanks a lot!

See this post: … u=pselodux

Any of the points marked with a star (ie. ground) can be connected to the sleeve of a socket, with the tip connecting to the pin that the probe is pointing to (second last pin on the cart slot).

It's a very clean, but also very loud output, so will need some attenuation (unless you use it with eurorack, I guess!). I've actually found I just use my usual prosound output and it's clean enough to use with my Octatrack. I really should get back into nanoloop mono at some point!

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But yes, nanoloop cartridge for GBA exists, probably you can find it on ebay for example.

or.. on the nanoloop site big_smile


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The newer pocket operators have adjustable pitch, and in the case of the PO-35, adjustable scales, so unless you're doing 12-tone serialist chiptune music*, that should be enough to get almost any kind of scale you'd want to play.

* actually would be interesting haha


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I don't see any evidence of TE thinking that they're smarter than everyone else at all. They're confident, but you kinda have to be in today's market.

Truth is, they're a design company more than anything else, and musical instruments just happen to be a thing they design. I still stand by the OP-Z being a work of art, and a beautiful instrument on the level of my Elektron gear (even though I don't use it as much as I do my Elektrons).


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Yeah, I'm interested to see how this one develops. Would be very interesting to see music software take advantage of the crank!


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Thanks guys!

Haha, I have moments of extreme inspiration with nanoloop, so will often quickly develop long pattern chains, stream-of-consciousness style. It helps that this stuff is generally super minimal!

Yeah it didn't work out, haha. Only got a couple of submissions!


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Yeah I couldn't get that working either. It's a shame really, because that used to be one of my techniques for a weird breakdown; or to just stop the sequencer and get it to restart at a certain point.

The noise channel has been weird for a few versions now. It seems impossible to switch it between "normal" and "arp" modes, unless you copy/paste a step from another channel.


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it begins!


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Congrats Oliver!

Orgia Mode wrote:
oliver wrote:

yes, overdrive. maybe as an effect per channel.

Is that like controlled clipping? Guilty - I haven't used NL...

Yeah, I think so. Oliver knows more about it but to me the NL2 overdrive sounds almost analog. Very nice when combining low bass tones and quiet noise, gets kinda fluttery.


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Amazing! Good to see it's nearly at its goal already.

Would you consider allowing for custom wavetables to be added via SD card?

Also, will this have the famous nl2 overdrive, or a way to engage it? It's a key part of my nanoloop sound design big_smile


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Yeah this is really doing it for me, probably the closest anyone in chip has come to Ryoji Ikeda style. Would be great with visuals!


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you're one of my favourite chip musicians, grabbing it now, will listen later at work big_smile


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Really making some big leaps in sound design with this..


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I'm pretty sure it'll work with the "a" mode.


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super monkey ball 2 is legit amazing though, worth it even for the soundtrack alone

I never played pikmin but it also looks pretty great