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Well there's 365 songs here for you to enjoy.  The amount of quality material Little-Scale managed to output during this one still astounds me.

Downstate wrote:

nice work. thats the best 403 ever

Ah but maybe that's the message.  Perhaps he's suggesting with the title "Eat Music, Eat Chiptune" that the former is forbidden for those obsessed with the latter.  Clearly this is Alex spilling his opinion on the Chipmusic scene in general.


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This is so fucking good.  Nothing else to say.

Kedromelon wrote:

in NYC its great... but I'm back in Maryland for the summer.  There's actually a decent amount of us here (between northern VA, DC, and WV), but we're all generally at least an hour's drive from each other, so its difficult to get together often.  There's also a huge lack of venues until you get into either Baltimore or DC, and even there, only a select few are supportive of anything that's not hip hop or terribly outdated hard rock cover bands.

The midatlantic area welcomes you home, old friend.  Don't get too spoiled in NYC now!

Midatlantic misses you Kedromelon.  sad

Kedromelon wrote:

ugh.  wish I could make it work.  miss you all

We miss you back down in the ol' Mid Atlantic!  Can't wait for this!


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New Little-Scale?  Oh God yes, I still keep my copy of "Antia" proudly in my car.  This new release is stellar as usual, brilliant work my friend.


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A final gift from a friend to friends:


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Erasers Fantasy is absolutely amazing.  Will check this out.


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I'm on 3.9.6 on one of the BleepBloop Non-USB Carts.  It hasn't been as prevalent for me as it appears to be for Seal Of Quality though so no worries.


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Back in February at the radio station I work for we had a big fundraiser music marathon that featured a show called "Moog In The Morning" that might be right up your alley here.  I missed the show due to class and other things but I'd imagine it was solid, you may try the following playlist for something you're interested in?


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I've had some bugs hidden in some of my LSDJ tracks as well, not sure what causes them but they appear to become more frequent the more my cart fills up.  Maybe someone will drop by with a bit more insight but for now what I generally do to fix little things like this from snagging me at the worst times is add a little "setup" chain to the top of the song I'm writing.  Generally it only needs one phrase, simply a place for executing quick table commands to fix tempo and groove should they be off.  Use the G command at the top there to set up your groove properly before the track plays and of course make sure you've got empty space of equal length in the other channels to ensure everything stays lined up and plays properly.

That was all probably rather obvious stuff that you already do but I figured I'd toss in.  Good luck!


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My home machine runs Fedora (7?  It's outdated...) and it's been okay with music.  It handles Famitracker with a bug or two I can work around and LMMS is a decent system if that's your thing.  I was able to make do with a cheap Soundblaster Audigy card that plays nice with ALSA and record with Audacity.  Not beautiful but it treats me well enough, I'm no professional.


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Googling around I'm only finding it at like $30 and up, sort of steep I guess but if it's rare it's rare I suppose...  If I'm not allowed to suggest it then someone please say so but have you considered a solution like the PowerPak?  At least with that you'd also have the glorious capability of running things like NTRQ, Lightwall, and various bits of NO_CARRIER software once you get tired of the game?  That's of course assuming you're not looking for the real deal like a collector or something.  Just tossing in $.02!


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I eat every word I said about this not being capable of working.  So so so awesome.


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Waxinwary, that guy was brilliant and woefully underappreciated before his leave from Chipmusic.